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AUCKLAND Audience Awards 2016

Heat 1
1st: AKSMA "Bloom Doom" - Horror Movie
2nd: Angle3 Pictures "Finest Creation" - Puppet Movie
3rd: 6 Million Bucks "Jour du Biscuit" - Comedy of Errors Movie

Heat 2
1st: Chillybox "(Time) Travel Centre" - Time Travel Movie
2nd: Bald Faced Cheek "DaVinci Resolve" - Dystopian Movie
3rd: Brothers in Crime "Tane Huata: Puppet Hunter" - Puppet Movie

Heat 3
1st: Costa Rica "Generation Rent" - Dystopian Movie
2nd: Cinnamon Pictures "WTF" - Bro or Bechdel Movie
3rd: Divisionary Films "Marian et Charlie" - Puppet Movie

Heat 4
1st: Douglas + Manu Productions "The Punisher" - Cat and Mouse Movie
2nd: Filmsplats "Sheepish" - Mistaken Identity Movie
3rd: Gavelkind "Punch you into next week man" - Time Travel Movie

Heat 5
1st: Haynesfilm Bunch "Mahnamana" - Puppet movie
2nd: Halcyon Entertainment "Tag, You're It" - Mystery Movie
3rd: I Love Loops "The Radical Adventures of Captain Flowers and his Sidekick Barnaby against the Legions of Evil. Episode 1: Fleeced" - Real Time Movie

Heat 6
1st: Jovial Entertainment "Munchies" - Dystopian Movie
2nd: LUNCH CLUB "Falling in Love" - Rom-Com Movie
3rd: Ice Cream Cake "An Error of Era" - Comedy of Errors Movie

Heat 7
1st: P-Snappy "Odd Socks" - Puppet movie
2nd: Phrasing "LoveBug" - Rom-Com Movie
3rd: Melopy Films "Lunchbox" - Cat and Mouse Movie

Heat 8
1st: PickleThugs "Roller" Comedy of Errors Movie
2nd: Rambunctious Gumption "Charlie Loves Me Most" - One-Location Movie
3rd: Prime Rib "Ghostfish: Catfished By A Ghost" -Horror Movie

Heat 9
1st: Shaky Tables "CD Rom Com" - Rom-Com Movie
2nd: Scratch Negatives "Walk this way" - Crime Movie
3rd: ROBOT PIRATE SPACE NINJAS "After Sex Cuddles" - Mistaken Identity Movie

Heat 10
1st: Sideways Productions "Boyfriend Material" - Crime Movie
2nd: Space monkey "A Home For Anna Key" - Punk Movie
3rd: SPACE PUPPIES!!! Officer? "It Takes Two to Tangle" - Puppet Movie

Heat 11
1st: Syzygy Studios "Hitman on Man" - Lovers on the Run Movie
2nd: Team Aceba "The Cycle" - One-Location Movie
3rd: Th brnt crmpts "Temporally Challenged" - Time Travel Movie"

Heat 12
1st : The Post-its
2nd: The Black Blazers
3rd: The Makers Initiative

Heat 13
1st :Viva La Dirt League "Charity Run" - Lovers on the Run Movie
2nd:Walsgrave "Alcoholics Anonymous" - Mystery Movie
3rd: Two Big Tools "Mind Camp" - Dystopian Movie

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