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Auckland City Finalists and Nominees

Congratulations to the 2014 AUCKLAND City Finalists and Award Nominees

The 16 finalists will screen and the award winners announced at the Auckland City Final:

Saturday May 3rd, 7:30PM
Sky City Theatre, Auckland CBD
Tickets On Sale Now - $20 from iticket.co.nz
Non-finalists may upload their films now and add them to the 48HOURS Screening Room.
Finalists, do not upload your films


ADHDMi "Incident Report"
Asylum "Flicker"
Black History Fortnight "Selfies and Poetries"
Brothers In Crime "Kevin's Journey: A Quest For Half"
Chess Club "Mind Creep"
Dogs Breakfast "Brick Impact"
Egg Hut "Steve"
Fleet Street "Grandmas Box"
Grand Cheval "Mi Amigo Mandarena"
Hybrid Motion Pictures "Polyphony"
Lense Flare "Pants On Fire"
Little Island Films "Boy vs Wild"
Mexico "A Lesson on Probability"
Mukpuddy "Dead End Job"
The Shooting Blanks "The Birds or the Bees"


Canon Best Regional Cinematography
Asylum - "Flicker"
Lense Flare -"Pants On Fire"
Black History Fortnight -"Selfies and Poetries"
Little Island Films -"Boy vs Wild"
Grand Cheval -"Mi Amigo Mandarena"
PickleThugs -"These Things"

Bacon vs Lollipop -"Man Maiden"
Wusturn Sprungs -"Dick!"
Great Dane Productions -"Dreams of a Paraplegic"
Film Splats -"Malice"
Fermented Films -"ODD BALL"

Best Animation
Mukpuddy -"Dead End Job"
I Love Loops -"Framerace"
Waima Street -"Reverb"
Mr Hyde -"Fantastic Day"
Dogs Breakfast -"Brick Impact"

V Best Actress
Morgan Albrecht - Black History Fortnight-"Selfies and Poetries"
Gala Georgette - Wolfe Street prod -"Human"
Hweiling Ow - Asylum -"Flicker"
Britta Brandt - Lense Flare -"Pants On Fire"
Ema Barton - CRANKLESKANK -"Eggspiry Day"

V Best Actor
Alan J. Drum Garcia - Grand Cheval -"Mi Amigo Mandarena"
Ryan Cooper - Mukpuddy -"Dead End Job"
James Kupa - Chess Club -"Mind Creep"
Chris Parker - Fleet Street -"Grandmas Box"
Johnny Barker - Lense Flare -"Pants On Fire"

Best Original SONG
Wolfe Street productions -"Human"
Lense Flare -"Pants On Fire"
Hybrid Motion Pictures -"Polyphony"
Mr Hyde -"Fantastic Day"
Team Something Something -"Brazilian Ninja: The Ninja from Brazil"

Best Original SCORE
Jumpcut -"A Shred of Life"
Asylum -"Flicker"
Little Island Films -"Boy vs Wild"
BlindVision-"The Red Menace"

Best Script
Grand Cheval -"Mi Amigo Mandarena"
Asylum -"Flicker"
Black History Fortnight -"Selfies and Poetries"
Mukpuddy -"Dead End Job"
Shoestring - "if you can get blood"

Best Editing
1001 -"Squeal"
Black History Fortnight -"Selfies and Poetries"
Asylum -"Flicker"
Mexico -"A Lesson on Probability"
Grand Cheval -"Mi Amigo Mandarena"

Canon Regional Best Director
Grand Cheval -"Mi Amigo Mandarena"
Lense Flare -"Pants On Fire"
Asylum -"Flicker"
Mukpuddy -"Dead End Job"
Little Island Films -"Boy vs Wild"

Plus more Awards revealed Live on the night.

Saturday May 3rd, 7:30PM
Sky City Theatre, Auckland CBD
Tickets On Sale Now - $20 from iticket.co.nz

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congratulations to all the fabulous films !

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yyeeeeooowza! stoked! thank you so much :D

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What a fantastic line up, can't wait to see all of these together!

Congratulations to all the finalists and award nominees!!

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Rialto 48 Hours 2013 - 17:09 (Techno Thriller) - Best Makeup (Auckland), Finalist Best Makeup (National)
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V48 2011 - Best Foot Forward (Rom Com)
V48 2010 - Love Game (Sports)

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Very nice line up. Can't wait for the finals!

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Damn, I really thought this was the year we'd see Frauleins, Oh Frauleins in the finals.

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Holy crap. We made the FINAL!!!!

Congrats to the other finalists!

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2017 "The Grove 2: Survival with a vengeance" - Survival ULTRA
2016 "A Baaaaad Habit" - Bro Movie
2015 "Barry's World" - Other Dimension - Best Animation Auckland region
2014 "Brick Impact" - Race Against the Clock - Auckland Finalist - Heat 5 runner up Audience Favourite
2013 "Frankie goes to Horrorwood" - Horror - Heat 6 - runner up Audience Favourite
2012 "Brick's Quest" - Fantasy Adventure - Heat 8 - Audience Favourite
2011 "Playin the Game" - Mystery
2010 " Syd's Garage - a study in Autoeroticism" - Musical - Heat 4 - Audience Favourite
2009 "Doggone" - Family Movie (was a doggone waste of time)
2008 "Sounds of Romance" - Romance
2007 "The Grove" - Crime - Auckland finalist, best script award

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We got nominated for best script! Cool. Congrats to all, especially my old muckers from Grand Cheval.

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Oh, man!! We're absolutely thrilled!! So many great teams in this final... it's gonna be a sweet city final.

(Also pretty damned thrilled with my Best Actor nom too... A first for voice acting? Pretty stoked)

2014: Dead End Job (Horror) - 1st Place Auckland Final / Best Animation
2012: Love In Decay (Rom Com) - PJ Wildcard / 3rd Place Grand Final
2011: Meanie Pants (Quest) - PJ Wildcard / Runner Up Auckland / 3rd Place Grand Final
2007: Camp Fear (Horror) - 1st Place Auckland Final

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in reply to DylanReeve:

Yeah, gutted. Not even in animation or song category. Very discouraging.

Frauleins, oh frauleins
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Congrats to all the talented people moving through, really looking forward to seeing Asylum "Flicker" and Little Island Films -"Boy vs Wild", heard great things

But to eveyone not moving through congrats to you guys as well because hey to me you guys are all winning just from entering such a wild crazy extreme weekend

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For a film with no dialogue that we shot with only two hand held LED lamps for lighting, pretty happy with those script and cinematography nods :)

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48hrs 2011 - 'Stuck in the Mini with you' (National Winner: Best Road Movie)
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MMHM 2013 - 'Penance' - Final 6
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48hrs 2016 - 'Mahnamana' (Puppet Movie) Audience fave

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So stoked to make the finals this year!

We thought it was all over when we finished our export and realised we had accidently selected output in 4:3 :S

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2016 - Tane Huata: Puppet Hunter - Puppet Movie - AKL Finalist & 3rd Place Audience Award
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2014 - Kevin's Journey: A Quest For Half - Fantasy Adventure - AKL Finalist & Nominee of Best use of Line & 3rd Place Audience Award
2013 - Sons of Thunder - Fantasy/Adventure
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wow - some awesome finalists. it'll be a good night!

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Luke Wheeler
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Animation is a different form of film making, I think

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in reply to Luke Wheeler:

I wouldn't say it's a different form... just a different medium :)

2014: Dead End Job (Horror) - 1st Place Auckland Final / Best Animation
2012: Love In Decay (Rom Com) - PJ Wildcard / 3rd Place Grand Final
2011: Meanie Pants (Quest) - PJ Wildcard / Runner Up Auckland / 3rd Place Grand Final
2007: Camp Fear (Horror) - 1st Place Auckland Final