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Auckland Audience Awards 2014

Heat 1
1st: Bacon vs Lollipop "Man Maiden" -Fantasy/Adventure
2nd:1001 "Squeal" - Horror or Splatter
3rd: 10 TRUCK$ - "Lethal Homecoming" - Musical or Dance

Heat 2
1st: Asylum - "Flicker" - Time Travel
2nd: Brothers In Crime "Kevin's Journey: A Quest For Half" -Fantasy or Adventure
3rd: Black History Fortnight "Selfies and Poetries" - Against the Odds Movie

Heat 3
1st: Cats Behind The Camera "An Eye For An Eye" - The Revenge Movie
2nd: Capture Productions "Prom Night" - Musical or Dance
3rd: Charlie and the Dreammakers "The Clonix Orb" - Mystery or Puzzle Movie

Heat 4
1st: CRANKLESKANK "Eggspiry Day" - The Race against the Clock
2nd: Chess Club "Mind Creep"- Fantasy or Adventure
3rd: Jump Cut "A Shred of Life" - Against the Odds

Heat 5
1st: Egg Hut "Steve" - Fantasy or Adventure
2nd: Dogs Breakfast "Brick Impact" - Race against the Clock
3rd: Dirty Rainicorn "Gigi" - Rom Com

Heat 6
1st: Green Square "Wimballdon: The Life of a Champion" - Race against the Clock
2nd: Fleet Street "Grandmas Box" - Fantasy or Adventure
3rd: Frauleins, oh frauleins "I am ball" - Musical or Dance

Heat 7
1st: Fermented Films - "ODD BALL" - Rom Com
2nd: Hungry Lion Productions "An Uncommon Misconception" - Mistaken Identity
3rd: Highly Flammable "Just a Lie" -Musical or Dance

Heat 8
1st : Hybrid Motion Pictures "Polyphony" Musical or Dance
2nd: I Love Loops "FRAMERACE" - Race against the Clock
3rd: Jolly Shrimp Co. "Bluff" - Mistaken Identity

Heat 9
1st: Lense Flare "Pants on fire" - Musical or Dance
2nd: Made up "The Bank Job" - Against the Odds
3rd: Little Island Films "Boy vs Wild" - The Revenge Movie

Heat 10
1st: Mexico "A Lesson on Probability" - Against the Odds
2nd: McTroublemakers "BALLS" Fantasy or Adventure
3rd: Marck Wan Productions "A Study in Ego" - Film within a Film

Heat 11
1st: Nerp "Thuq Lief" - Musical or Dance
2nd: Mukpuddy "Dead End Job"- Horror or Splatter
3rd: Phaedra's Pals "Bounce" - Fantasy or Adventure

1ST: Grand Cheval "Mi Amgio Mandarena" - Race against the Clock
2nd: Pickle Thugs "These Things" - Against the Odds
3rd: Blindvision "The Red Menace" - Film within a Film

1ST: One Tree Hill Films "Hand Of God" - Mistaken Identity
2nd: Purple Asparagus "Land of the Socks" - Time Travel
3rd: Path2Dreams "704" - Shock ending
3rd: Strangelight "Princess Rose and the Rose Flowers and the Other Princesses" - Fantasy or Adventure

Heat 14
1st: Porcupine Circus "Don't Trip" - Musical or Dance
2nd: Polypus Prime "Time Travel" - Time Travel
3rd: Raging Hedgehog Productions "Underdogg" - Against the Odds

Heat 15
1st: Sideways Productions "Broken Record" - Film within a Film
2nd: Shoestring "if you can get blood" - The Revenge Movie
3rd: Spitting Monkey Knife Fight "It's Ball In Your Head"-Fantasy or Adventure

Heat 16
1st: Stormy Love & Company "FOUND" - Mistaken Identity
2nd: Sunglasses Emoji "Tempting Fate" - Against the Odds
3rd: Schadenfreude Productions "Lovin' Focus" - Rom Com

Heat 17
1st: Team Something Something "Brazilian Ninja: The Ninja from Brazil" - Musical or Dance
2nd: The Book Was Better "It's Kinda Hard To Explain" - Against the Odds
3rd: The Disciples of B "Sound of Magic" - Fantasy or Adventure

Heat 18
1st: The Shooting Blanks "The Birds or the Bees" - Film within a Film
2nd: The NZ Film Commission "Love Songs Till Midday" - Rom Com
3rd: The Foreign Interns "Clash of the Rulers" - Fantasy or Adventure

Heat 19
1st: Tyrannosaurus Shark "Strength Through Adversity" Against the Odds
2nd: Toasted Wolfgang "Lying Dead" - Horror or Splatter
3rd: Two Big Tools "20q" - Mystery or Puzzle Movie

Heat 20
1st: Wolfe Street Productions "Human" - Musical or Dance
2nd: Waima Street "Reverb" - Horror or Splatter
3rd: Binary Folders "Putting the Pieces Together" - Mystery or Puzzle Movie

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in reply to steelpotato:

And, if all else fails, there's the large ticking clock on the front page :-)

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in reply to Craig:

Which in past years has shown dubious accuracy...

2014 - Scone Shot "This Little Piggy Went to Market"
2013 - Crepe Shoot "Prime's Numbers"
2012 - Crepe Shoot "Nick of Time" (Wellington Finalist, nominated for best editing)
2011 - Pancake Pictures "Sammy" (Wellington Finalist and Best Actress)
2010 - Pancake Pictures "Fleet Street" (nominated for Best Use of Line and Best Actress)
2008 - Pancake Pictures "Resignation" (Wellington Finalist - 3rd place Wellington Region, Best Actress, Best Use of Character)
2006 - Pancake Pictures "Forbidden Fruit" (Wellington Finalist)
2005 - Pancake Pictures "Quench"

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in reply to Cookie:

There were top 3 votes for the heats, what is the next stage?

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in reply to Prashanth Gunasekaran:

Wait for judges to select and announce city finalists.

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Wow, we came first in our heat! Honestly completely wasn't expecting that at all! :)

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in reply to Cookie:

FOREIGN INTERNS!!! This just made my Monday - well done team :) shout out to the crowd of Heat 18

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in reply to bexxgirl:

Looks like the current estimate of 18 days might be a bit conservative too...

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maybe there should be a special heat that plays all audience favourite? lol

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