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Ant Timpson
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V48 Hours Grand National Finalists

The Girl With The Clover Tattoo, by team Lense Flare (One shot)
An Inconvenient Hoof, by team Picton Pictures (End of the world)
Brains?, by team Noise and Picture (Horror)
Dead Lucky by team Tuff Collective (Musical)
Seed by team thedownlowconcept (End of the world)
Kids These Days by team Gin Joints (Crime)
Brothers by team ADHDMi (Fantasy adventure)
Briefcase of Pain by team Battlesoup (Crime)
Glow by team Del Sur (Inspirational)
Wiz-nap by team Voltron & Holograms (Found footage)

Daylight Robbery by team Goodfellas (One shot/crime)
Love In Decay, by team Mukpuddy (Romantic comedy)
Hannah Repus by team The Outwits (One shot)

Grand Cheval - Suck My Life - Horror
Cheeky Kiwis - Self-Contained Flat - Horror
PuppyGuts - Fetus 5000 - Found Footage
The Eh Team - Day 6 - Horror
FLIM FLOM FILMS - Do the Knight Thang - Fantasy Adventure

Toasted Wolfgang - Infelicitas Action
3 Idiots and a Camera - Unwanted Guests - Crime
Colonial Tech - Silver Leaf - End of the World
JK - Lucky in Love? - One Shot + Romcom
Handcranked Productions - Blue Ice - Urban Legend

ADHDMi - Brothers - Fantasy Adventure
CCK - Curse Of The Warlock - Fantasy Adventure
Dust Boot - Not One Tear - Inspirational
Zebra Crossing Inc. - Fukushu (Revenge) - Fantasy Adventure
BLOOD ORANGE - One Brick, Two Brick - Action

Hungry Lion Productions - Zomboy - Horror
Cunning Stunts - Man in the Mirror - Horror
Superfly - Nicky Brick and the Funky Licks - Musical/Dance
Oozy Rat In a Sanitary Zoo - There's Something Rotten In the School of Redmark - Urban Legend
Hobo Pictures - Awaiting Dawn - RomCom

Penguins and Pandas - Deep Into You - Inspirational
Chris Lam Sam - Dead Lucky - Musical
Team ICW - Two Tall Tales - Urban Legend
The Gentlemen's Agreement - The Wham! Initiative - Found Footage
No True Scotsman - The Ballad of Nicky Brick - Musical

ADHDMi - Brothers - Fantasy Adventure
Alpaca Punch - Stain - Action
The Dutch Underground - Sockerpunch - One Shot

Anna Duckworth - "Apple Bobbing" - Crime
Cheeky Kiwis - "Self-Contained Flat" - Horror
Francesca Jago - "Refraction" - Fantasy Adventure
Naoko Miyamoto- "Day 6" - Horror

Goon - "Julie Android" - Musical
Bright Molar - "Extraction - Genesis V1" - Musical
Confusers - "Dive Dive Dance!!!" - Musical/Dance
Elite 12 Plus That Guy - "The Clown" - Horror
EQUALS SHEEP - "Barrowed Love" - One Shot

Mukpuddy - "Love in Decay" - RomCom
Tuff Collective - "Dead Lucky" - Musical
Readers Wives - "Love Arktually" - Rom Com
Squint Eastwood - "Lionel Fantasy VII" - Fantasy Adventure

Half-Shell - "Finger Bang" - Action
Ground Swell - "Whiff Takers" - Rom-Com
Noise and Pictures - "Brains?" - Horror
TBALC -"Nicky + Eve 19/5" - One Shot
Flim Flom Films - "Do the Knight Thang" - Fantasy Adventure

Team Try Hards - "The List" - Fantasy Adventure
Cheeky Kiwis - "Self-Contained Flat" - Horror
Noise and Pictures - "Brains?" - Horror
The Gentlemen's Agreement - "The Wham! Initiative" - Found Footage

Courtney Abbot - "Lovedumb" - Inspirational
Athene Jensen - "Whiff Takers" - Rom-Com
Lauren Wickens - "The Breaking" - End of the World
Vanessa Wells - "Fukushu (Revenge)" - Fantasy Adventure
Daniela Medina - "Chastity kills men" - Erotic or Superhero

Will Wallace- "Glow" - Inspirational
Marten ten Broek- "Whiff Draws" - Rom-Com
Scott Ransom - "Brains?" - Horror
Scott Koorey - "Nicky + Eve 19/5" - One Shot
Steven Mosely - "Do the Knight Thang" - Fantasy Adventure

ADHDMi - "Brothers" - Fantasy Adventure
Tuff Collective - "Dead Lucky" - Musical
Dust Boot - "Not One Tear" - Inspirational
The Dutch Underground - "Sockerpunch" - One Shot
Get Your Arse To Mars - "Twin Dragon Fist: The Fistening" - Action

Grand Cheval - "Suck My Life" - Horror
Taktix - "Game Over" - Fantasy Adventure
Noise and Pictures - "Brains?" - Horror
The Eh Team - "Day 6" - Horror
Handcranked Productions - "Blue Ice" - Urban Legend

Terminal Rise - "La Piscine Thermale" - Urban Legend
Cut 'n' Paste - "Headcase" - Horror
That's What Shihad Said - "Not Everyone's Fantasy" - Adventure/Fantasy
TBALC - "Nicky + Eve 19/5" - One Shot
Seabiscuit in the Pipe - "Hit Movie" - Musical

idiotVision - "Love Story Sessions" - Romantic Comedy
Zarquons Fish - "Detention" - Horror
Noise and Pictures - "Brains?" - Horror
Strang Entertainment - "True" - Insiprational
Team Superbest Friends - "What the Neville?" - Found Footage

Write Club - "Lucky Girl" - Horror
Team: One Whare - "Love 'n' loathing in Suburbia" - One Shot
Moffilaide - "She's Out of This World" - RomCom
Squint Eastwood - "Lionel Fantasy VII" - Fantasy Adventure
Complex Films - "Chain Mail" - Urban Legend

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Sho Nuff
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Yay! Congrats to all! Looking forward to the Grand Final

From: Wellington
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Congrats to all the teams.

Good luck to all (especially the Wellington teams)

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2013 Made Maid Nutbar Films City Finalist for POV Shot Robot/Cyborg/Android
2012 I Still Dream in Colour Nutbar Films Action
2011 Raptured Golden Carrot Films Mystery
2010 Fraternal Fabrication Golden Carrot Films Twin
2009 I love you this much Golden Carrot Films Romance
2008 Luke Walker and the Golden Carrot William Shatner's Pants Animal

From: Christchurch
Since: Apr 2011
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Well done all!

I make this 8 Auckland films, 2 from Welly, 2 from Chch and 1 from the Tron.

Am I right in thinking that "Kids These Days" didn't place in Wellington? (Take that, Wellington judges?)

Jared Kahi
From: Auckland
Since: May 2011
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Congrats everybody! Looking forward to another good night of great films! Can't wait to see the Wellington films after hearing all the buzz! We at Lense Flare are so stoked to be counted amongst films like Glow and Seed. Woooop!

Personally, I am SO pleased to see Suitcase of Pain in the final! That was one of my highlights of the Akl final and hands down one of the coolest 48hr films I've seen in a long long time. Great work Battlesoup!

Good times

From: Auckland
Since: Jun 2012
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^^ Oh thanks


Hey do the finalists get any free tickets?

2012 - Briefcase of Pain Crime
2011 - Quest of Ghey Quest
2010 - David Biopic
2009 - Super Team of Awesome Superhero
2008 - El Hombre Bueno Drama (apparently)
2007 - S.H.I.T. Superhero

From: Christchurch, NZ
Since: May 2012
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Congratulations to all the chosen films!
Not wanting to create any controversy or hard feelings...but I am (and know many who would be) completely floored at Sir Peter Jackson's inclusion of The Outwits film Hannah Repus.
This is the second year in a row he's chosen one of their mediocre gimmicky films.
I am shocked to see the dismissal of a handful of legitimately brilliant films from the CHCH finals in favour of an Outwits film that had no story, was shoddily filmed, basically had everything riding on the "reverse" gimmick and was quite frankly...boring.
Sad to see how CHCH is represented.
I just need to ask: Are they paying him? Is he secretly apart of The Outwits? Biggest WTF of the year!

CONGRATS to everyone else! :)

Michael McLachlan
From: Auckland
Since: May 2011
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Should be an awesome night! Can't wait!

Nothing like a 48 Hour grand final, where you know both the films and the atmosphere is kick-ass!

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Short Films -
10 - 'Frosty Man and the BMX Kid' - (Creative Producer) World Finalist in the 'Your Big Break' Competition.

48 Hours -
07 - BSAG, 'Henrietta' (Monster) - (Producer) Auckland Final and National Winner for Best Cinematography
08 - Del Sur, 'Love In The Time Of Chlamydia' (Romance) - (Co-Producer) Auckland Final and National Winner for Best Cinematography
09 - Fire and Ice, 'CUZ' (Parallel World Movie) - (Producer) Auckland Final and National Winner V Most Extraordinary Performance (Kyle Pryor)
11 - Like Mike, 'You Muppet!' (Horror) - (Writer/Director/Producer/DOP/Post) Honourable Mention Auckland Final
12 - Del Sur, 'Glow' (Inspirational Movie) - (Produced by Team Del Sur) National Final, National Winner Best Actor (Will Wallace), and 3rd= Auckland Final
13 - Del Sur, 'Caretaker" (Horror) - (Produced by Team Del Sur) National Final and Winner Best Actress Auckland Final (Liesha Wark-Knox)

From: Auckland, New Zealand
Since: May 2011
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Wooooo!!! Stoked to be included. The films we saw at the Auckland final were so ridiculously good that we counted ourselves out fairly early in the night. To be back in the running alongside teams like Lense Flare, thedownlowconcept, Del Sur and also getting the nod from Sir PJ himself is an absolute honour. Congrats to all the teams in the grand final... we'll see you there with some mighty big pats for your backs!! Looking forward to seeing the films from Hamilton, Wellington and ChCh too. Choice!

2014: Dead End Job (Horror) - 1st Place Auckland Final / Best Animation
2012: Love In Decay (Rom Com) - PJ Wildcard / 3rd Place Grand Final
2011: Meanie Pants (Quest) - PJ Wildcard / Runner Up Auckland / 3rd Place Grand Final
2007: Camp Fear (Horror) - 1st Place Auckland Final

Rocket Boy
From: Christchurch
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in reply to MalibuBarbie:

I also struggle to understand the appeal of 'The Outwits' and think the CHCH films from 'Zebra Crossing' or 'The Eh Team' were much stronger.

Really Peter Jackson's 'wildcards' should be called his 'favourites' since he seems to favour certain teams.

Nic Gorman
From: wellington
Since: Apr 2011
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in reply to MalibuBarbie:

Hi Malibu Barbie,

Thanks for your feedback. Each year we strive to make a film that has just the right combination of gimmick and mediocrity. This year I feel we may have hit the jackpot! I too wish we had a nicer camera to film things with but to be honest none of us are really capable enough to be able to use it. My uncle Sir Peter keeps offering to come down and help us with our filming but I’m not sure that’s really in the spirit of things…

I too thought there was a lot of brilliant films from Christchurch. My favourites were the films by The Eh Team, Squint Eastwood, and the Dutch Underground. It would have been great to see them there. I remember that you were the first person (under a different name) to comment on this thread last year as well, in a really similar manner, so twice now you have bummed me out heaps on what would have been an awesome morning. It is of course totally within your right as an internet user but it does seem slightly obsessive and undignified to do so anonymously every year around the same time. But as I said it is of course your right to do so.

We love this comp. really looking forward to the final!

From: Wellington
Since: May 2011
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Gin Joints are humbled to be on this list and among such amazing and classic 48 hour contenders! Are you kidding me right now!!

We were also among some amazing teams/films in Wellington at a very strong final we felt privileged to be among them.

I don't even know what to say at the moment our entire team is completely gobsmacked. Congrats to everyone!

Gin Joints

From: wellington
Since: May 2012
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anyone find it a bit sad that people have come here bitching and criticising one of the wild cards? I don't think you have to be positive about everything but raining on the parade literally minutes after the announcement seems petty, jealous and pointless.

2006: That Thing Called Hate - Regional Finalist
2007: WhoreCop 3: Night Justice - Regional Finalist+Best Actor Nominee, PJ Wild Card Grand Finalist
2008: Dancing Hearts 3: Night Moves - Absolutely nothing
2012: 3.00PM - Audience Favourite, Best Actor Nominee
2013: Job Security - Audience Favourite Heat 3

From: Wellington
Since: May 2011
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in reply to Frieda_nz:

I really enjoyed your film, Gin Joints, a brilliant mix of Goodfellas and In Bruges.

Just wondering if you know how you got into the finals? I always thought it was just the city winner and the wildcards? Did they change it this year?

From: Wellington
Since: May 2012
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Well Done Wellington! 2 amazing films to represent.
Gin Joints's film was amazing, and think it completely deserves to be in the Grand finals.
Brains?! was spectacular, and also have 5 nominations in the Grand Finals.

Hope Wellington takes it out!

p.s. Don't go hating V48's people, especially so soon after the annoucment. V48hr fucking rules!

From: Christchurch
Since: Apr 2011
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in reply to stringbean:

Automatic regional representation was used for the last time in 2010. From last year, city winners don't automatically qualify for city finals any more; instead we get the 10 films picked as best from around the country (no matter where they are / how many from each region) by the finalist judging panel (no-one knows who they are).

So city winners are in with a pretty good shot (by dint of being very good), but don't automatically qualify. And films that didn't place in city finals are still in contention to be national finalists if they catch the eye of the national finalist judging panel.

From: Wellington
Since: May 2011
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in reply to Cardinal:

Ahh, thank you. Didn't keep track of the comp last year so must have missed that, thanks for clearing it up! I guess having so many regions now means that they had to make some changes.

Awesome Wellington representatives, Brains? screened in our heat and as soon as we saw it we knew it was going to do well.

Loved Kids These Days as well, great wee film.

Would have loved to see Have You Met My Sister on this list, I thought it was an amazing film, and I loved how they used the one-shot to their advantage and worked with it so well.

But good luck Wellington finalists (and to all the others as well)!

From: Auckland, New Zealand
Since: May 2011
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in reply to Nic Gorman:

Amazing response!!! :D

Congrats on the PJ wildcard pick!! Can't wait to see it :)

2014: Dead End Job (Horror) - 1st Place Auckland Final / Best Animation
2012: Love In Decay (Rom Com) - PJ Wildcard / 3rd Place Grand Final
2011: Meanie Pants (Quest) - PJ Wildcard / Runner Up Auckland / 3rd Place Grand Final
2007: Camp Fear (Horror) - 1st Place Auckland Final

From: Wellington
Since: May 2011
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in reply to stringbean:

Our individual team members were refreshing the announcement page so much thinking it was a typo we thought we might crash it. Thanks Cardinal for the clarification.

Chris Ibacache
From: Christchurch
Since: May 2012
Posts: 8

Congratulations to everyone in the Grand Finals! :)
Bummed to see TBALC (Chch) not in the final list but I cant wait to see all the films that were selected! They sound really impressive!

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2012 The Gentlemen's Agreement - "The Wham! Initiative" (Found Footage) [CHCH Finalist+Best Editing, Original Song, Costume Design]
2011 The Gentlemen's Agreement - "CornChip" (Quest) [CHCH Finalist+Best Editing]

From: Auckland
Since: Apr 2011
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um... so... we're ridiculously surprised and excited that our film made the finals...

not really sure HOW we made it... it's pretty much just a 7 minute wizard joke... but we'll take it...

we're just stoked that more people will see it and (hopefully) be entertained...

or something like that...

i don't know...

this is crazy...

2014 - Steve - 'Egg Hut' (AKL)
Audience Favourite (Heat 5)
2013 - Hibernation - 'Egg House' (AKL)
Audience Favourite (Heat 6), City Best Make-Up Nomination (Chelsea Ross), City & National Finalist
2012 - The Wiz-Nap - 'Voltron And The Holograms' (AKL)
Audience Favourite (Heat 17), City Best Actor & Actress Nominations (Jamaine & Chelsea Ross), City & National Finalist
2011 - A Letter To A Samurai - 'We'll Change This Later' (AKL)
City Best Disqualified Film
2010 - Pam's First Day - 'Face Spiders' (AKL)
Audience Favourite Runner Up (Heat 4)
2009 - Beard Spread - 'Just Cromulent' (AKL)
Audience Favourite (Heat 10) & City Best Actress Nomination (Chelsea Beckett)
2008 - Animal House - 'The Furious Team Of Doom... & Justice... But Mainly Doom' (AKL)
Audience Favourite Runner Up (Heat 17)
2007 - On The Level - 'High Four' (WLG)

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