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Ant Timpson
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V48 Hours Grand National Finalists

The Girl With The Clover Tattoo, by team Lense Flare (One shot)
An Inconvenient Hoof, by team Picton Pictures (End of the world)
Brains?, by team Noise and Picture (Horror)
Dead Lucky by team Tuff Collective (Musical)
Seed by team thedownlowconcept (End of the world)
Kids These Days by team Gin Joints (Crime)
Brothers by team ADHDMi (Fantasy adventure)
Briefcase of Pain by team Battlesoup (Crime)
Glow by team Del Sur (Inspirational)
Wiz-nap by team Voltron & Holograms (Found footage)

Daylight Robbery by team Goodfellas (One shot/crime)
Love In Decay, by team Mukpuddy (Romantic comedy)
Hannah Repus by team The Outwits (One shot)

Grand Cheval - Suck My Life - Horror
Cheeky Kiwis - Self-Contained Flat - Horror
PuppyGuts - Fetus 5000 - Found Footage
The Eh Team - Day 6 - Horror
FLIM FLOM FILMS - Do the Knight Thang - Fantasy Adventure

Toasted Wolfgang - Infelicitas Action
3 Idiots and a Camera - Unwanted Guests - Crime
Colonial Tech - Silver Leaf - End of the World
JK - Lucky in Love? - One Shot + Romcom
Handcranked Productions - Blue Ice - Urban Legend

ADHDMi - Brothers - Fantasy Adventure
CCK - Curse Of The Warlock - Fantasy Adventure
Dust Boot - Not One Tear - Inspirational
Zebra Crossing Inc. - Fukushu (Revenge) - Fantasy Adventure
BLOOD ORANGE - One Brick, Two Brick - Action

Hungry Lion Productions - Zomboy - Horror
Cunning Stunts - Man in the Mirror - Horror
Superfly - Nicky Brick and the Funky Licks - Musical/Dance
Oozy Rat In a Sanitary Zoo - There's Something Rotten In the School of Redmark - Urban Legend
Hobo Pictures - Awaiting Dawn - RomCom

Penguins and Pandas - Deep Into You - Inspirational
Chris Lam Sam - Dead Lucky - Musical
Team ICW - Two Tall Tales - Urban Legend
The Gentlemen's Agreement - The Wham! Initiative - Found Footage
No True Scotsman - The Ballad of Nicky Brick - Musical

ADHDMi - Brothers - Fantasy Adventure
Alpaca Punch - Stain - Action
The Dutch Underground - Sockerpunch - One Shot

Anna Duckworth - "Apple Bobbing" - Crime
Cheeky Kiwis - "Self-Contained Flat" - Horror
Francesca Jago - "Refraction" - Fantasy Adventure
Naoko Miyamoto- "Day 6" - Horror

Goon - "Julie Android" - Musical
Bright Molar - "Extraction - Genesis V1" - Musical
Confusers - "Dive Dive Dance!!!" - Musical/Dance
Elite 12 Plus That Guy - "The Clown" - Horror
EQUALS SHEEP - "Barrowed Love" - One Shot

Mukpuddy - "Love in Decay" - RomCom
Tuff Collective - "Dead Lucky" - Musical
Readers Wives - "Love Arktually" - Rom Com
Squint Eastwood - "Lionel Fantasy VII" - Fantasy Adventure

Half-Shell - "Finger Bang" - Action
Ground Swell - "Whiff Takers" - Rom-Com
Noise and Pictures - "Brains?" - Horror
TBALC -"Nicky + Eve 19/5" - One Shot
Flim Flom Films - "Do the Knight Thang" - Fantasy Adventure

Team Try Hards - "The List" - Fantasy Adventure
Cheeky Kiwis - "Self-Contained Flat" - Horror
Noise and Pictures - "Brains?" - Horror
The Gentlemen's Agreement - "The Wham! Initiative" - Found Footage

Courtney Abbot - "Lovedumb" - Inspirational
Athene Jensen - "Whiff Takers" - Rom-Com
Lauren Wickens - "The Breaking" - End of the World
Vanessa Wells - "Fukushu (Revenge)" - Fantasy Adventure
Daniela Medina - "Chastity kills men" - Erotic or Superhero

Will Wallace- "Glow" - Inspirational
Marten ten Broek- "Whiff Draws" - Rom-Com
Scott Ransom - "Brains?" - Horror
Scott Koorey - "Nicky + Eve 19/5" - One Shot
Steven Mosely - "Do the Knight Thang" - Fantasy Adventure

ADHDMi - "Brothers" - Fantasy Adventure
Tuff Collective - "Dead Lucky" - Musical
Dust Boot - "Not One Tear" - Inspirational
The Dutch Underground - "Sockerpunch" - One Shot
Get Your Arse To Mars - "Twin Dragon Fist: The Fistening" - Action

Grand Cheval - "Suck My Life" - Horror
Taktix - "Game Over" - Fantasy Adventure
Noise and Pictures - "Brains?" - Horror
The Eh Team - "Day 6" - Horror
Handcranked Productions - "Blue Ice" - Urban Legend

Terminal Rise - "La Piscine Thermale" - Urban Legend
Cut 'n' Paste - "Headcase" - Horror
That's What Shihad Said - "Not Everyone's Fantasy" - Adventure/Fantasy
TBALC - "Nicky + Eve 19/5" - One Shot
Seabiscuit in the Pipe - "Hit Movie" - Musical

idiotVision - "Love Story Sessions" - Romantic Comedy
Zarquons Fish - "Detention" - Horror
Noise and Pictures - "Brains?" - Horror
Strang Entertainment - "True" - Insiprational
Team Superbest Friends - "What the Neville?" - Found Footage

Write Club - "Lucky Girl" - Horror
Team: One Whare - "Love 'n' loathing in Suburbia" - One Shot
Moffilaide - "She's Out of This World" - RomCom
Squint Eastwood - "Lionel Fantasy VII" - Fantasy Adventure
Complex Films - "Chain Mail" - Urban Legend

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Hayley Marlow
From: Wellington
Since: Jun 2012
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See the amount of torture I have to put up with working with Giles?! Jeeeez

You are one HELL of a director Giles, I have never worked with someone as patient, understanding and caring to EVERYONE you work with.
You have the passion, the talent and anyone that has seen your films know you are going to go far, I'm just glad I get to be here, to watch your incredible future unfold.

SPFX Make-up for 'Brains?' - Noise and Pictures 2012

Hayley Marlow
From: Wellington
Since: Jun 2012
Posts: 12

in reply to Rowox:

You're film was awesome. I LOVED the bit where the main actor tasted the... um... substance (Cannibilism!). Laughed so hard at that.... I think your film gave me nightmares. That doll was scary - really surprised you didn't get into the Grand finals. :)

SPFX Make-up for 'Brains?' - Noise and Pictures 2012

From: Dunedin
Since: May 2011
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Didn't even enter this year but I'm sad that Dunedin's still not getting any love for the finals.

I haven't seen any of the films this year, but I swear Chatter was better than Child Jumpers... Or what ever the hell it was called.

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Currently: Pocketed Comments (until we start not liking that one)
2011 - i, Love (Rom-Com)
2009 - The Cleaner (Musical)
2008 - The Legend of the Streets(Mystery)
2007 - The Night I Got Trolleyed(Monster)
2006 - Cuboid Brigadier (War/Western)


Conan the Barbarian
From: Auckland
Since: May 2011
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Congrats to all the finalists! Stoked to see Wiz-nap and Glow up there! Should be a good night, excited to see Brains? after all the great reviews it's been getting!

Surely all the butthurt about other regions not being represented can wait until we can see all the films that made it?

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2012 - Last Will and Testament - Found Footage (late)
2011 - Midday (Or Sometime After 11) - Fad Movie (auckland finals???)
2010 - Scared Sexless - Sexual Education

Hayley Marlow
From: Wellington
Since: Jun 2012
Posts: 12

in reply to Hayley Marlow:

I was suppose to write WITH Giles. WITH GILES! it was suppose to be a joke... it wasn't until I just re-read it now when I realised.... and now I can't edit it. Bum!

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From: Wellington
Since: May 2011
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in reply to Hayley Marlow:

You're film was awesome. I LOVED the bit where the main actor tasted the... um... substance (Cannibilism!). Laughed so hard at that.... I think your film gave me nightmares. That doll was scary - really surprised you didn't get into the Grand finals. :)

Thanks Hayley. Personally I think Fetus, Kids and SOOTW were all equal second behind your film, so when we were called up at the Wgtn Finals I was just happy it swung that way. Now it seems it has swung Gin Joints's way for the Grand Final, which is fine with me because Kids These Days is a worthy finalist.

I'm excited to see what Lense Flare, Del Sur, Downlow and Voltron have cooked up (Letter to a Samurai is my all-time favourite DQd film btw), but I really hope Noise and Pictures brings it home to Wgtn this year :)

Wgn 2019 The Directors "The Big Number"
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Wgn 2017 Ahrjeebee "Salvage"
Wgn 2016 PuppyGuts "DICKS"
Wgn 2015 PuppyGuts "Beyond the Fridge"
Wgn 2014 Dusty Tapes "To Darkness"
Wgn 2013 Dusty Tapes "The Rescue Party"
Wgn 2012 PuppyGuts "Fetus 5000"
Akld 2011 Meat Pie "Truth Unseen"
Akld 2010 Meat Pie "Bruised"
Akld 2009 Rising Phoenix "Till The Day We Die"
Wgn 2007 Fargish "The State of Georgia"
Wgn 2006 Fargish "It Returned to the Abyss"
Wgn 2005 Team Awesome "Cock Fever"
Wgn 2004 The Insomniacs "Terry's Package"

From: Wellington
Since: May 2011
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in reply to Hayley Marlow:

It was delicious.... it always is.
While I'm a little gutted we didn't make it to the Grand Finals I couldn't be happier with "Kids These Days" nabbing that spot. I honestly believed they were going to get a placement in the city finals, so yeah, good on ya guys!

Either Gin Joints or Noise and Pictures better take first place. Absolute quality there for sure. :D

2007: Solitaire
2008: F*Dance (National winner)
2009: Mime and Punishment
2010: Art
2011: Nubbin' But Trouble
2012: FETUS 5000
2013: Fist Cop
2014: Man Day
2015: Beyond the Fridge
2016: DICKS
2017: Cameo'd in 11 films.
2019: The Big Number.

Most films linked above are the tidied up Director's cuts. Not indicative of what was handed in

Hayley Marlow
From: Wellington
Since: Jun 2012
Posts: 12

in reply to Newsboy:

These forums aren't as busy as they use to be, so thanks for posting:) I find myself looking for anything about V48hrs, and can't wait for the Grand Finals - Driving up to Auckland on Friday. I sincerely hope 'Brains?' and 'Kids these days' do well - Wellington Represent.
I'm curious about the international judging of the films... do they all sit together and watch them? or do they watch them by themselves?
'Brains?' is a great little film, but I don't know if our humor would come across too well. I hope it does... suppose we'll find out in 5 days.

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From: Christchurch
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in reply to Hayley Marlow:

With all those judges being from all over the place Hayley, I don't think it's logistically likely that they ever get together in the same place. I think it's more likely they all get sent the films individually and then send their scores / thoughts back in (in fact I think I saw Ant posting somewhere about "scores are starting to come in" somewhere).

For the same reason of logistics / time demands, I would think that they only watch the finalist films, and not every film that is up for a category award (because that's 13 films to watch versus what, about 30 or 40 something?), so presumably those end up decided upon more locally somehow. I stand to be corrected, though!

Michael McLachlan
From: Auckland
Since: May 2011
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in reply to Cardinal:

Yeah, I can see the 30 judges watching all 13 films, and then maybe individually watching 5 more films for a particular award category. ie Someone like Elijah Wood could be one of the judges for the acting awards. That way at most a judge might only need to watch 13-20 films. That could work.

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Short Films -
10 - 'Frosty Man and the BMX Kid' - (Creative Producer) World Finalist in the 'Your Big Break' Competition.

48 Hours -
07 - BSAG, 'Henrietta' (Monster) - (Producer) Auckland Final and National Winner for Best Cinematography
08 - Del Sur, 'Love In The Time Of Chlamydia' (Romance) - (Co-Producer) Auckland Final and National Winner for Best Cinematography
09 - Fire and Ice, 'CUZ' (Parallel World Movie) - (Producer) Auckland Final and National Winner V Most Extraordinary Performance (Kyle Pryor)
11 - Like Mike, 'You Muppet!' (Horror) - (Writer/Director/Producer/DOP/Post) Honourable Mention Auckland Final
12 - Del Sur, 'Glow' (Inspirational Movie) - (Produced by Team Del Sur) National Final, National Winner Best Actor (Will Wallace), and 3rd= Auckland Final
13 - Del Sur, 'Caretaker" (Horror) - (Produced by Team Del Sur) National Final and Winner Best Actress Auckland Final (Liesha Wark-Knox)

From: Christchurch
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So who won?

2019 - Maximum of 30 characters - The Holiday Movie:
Cabin Fever
2018 - Silence of the LAMZ - The Last day on Earth Movie: An Appointment with a Poo
2017 - (Guardian for two school teams)
-- Fart Chicken Productions - Musical (Transformation): TRANSformation
-- Kitty Aye Aye Films - Survival (Fate): Best Day Ever
2016 - (Guardian for two school teams)
-- Fart Chicken Productions - Horror: Glitchers
-- Kitty Aye Aye Films -Time Travel: One More Time(s)
2015 - (Guardian for two school teams)
-- Fart Chicken Productions - Musical: Find a Way
-- Kitty Aye Aye Films - Mad Science: Kitty-Matic 2000
2014 - Slept through this whole year...
2013 - [boo hoo - didn't participate]
2012 - The Juxtaposition - Action Movie: INFUSION
2011 - Princess Zoe Films - Fad Movie: Contra-fable-gooble 'ness
2010 - Princess Zoe Films (Rubber Tears) - Road Movie: 'Whole Wide World'
2009 - Team 'Rubber Tears' - Parallel World: 'Smoke and Mirrors'
2008 - Team 'Rubber Tears' - Juvenile Delinquent: 'Lipstick Karma'
2007 - Team 'Rubber Tears' - Grindhouse: 'Grindhouse Day Presents'
2006 - Team 'Rubber Tears' - War/Western: 'An Unruly Patch of Land'
2005 - Team 'Imagic Mushrooms' - Pretentious Art: 'Erar Muidem'

From: Christchurch
Since: May 2012
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in reply to mikedensem:

Winner: BRAINS? (Noise & Pictures)
3rd Place: LOVE IN DECAY (Mukpuddy)

No doubt someone official will update on here with the full results once the Auckland merry-making has faded.

2020: "Basket Case" (Whodunnit)

2019: "Catman and Robyn" (The Secret Identity Movie)
2018: "Cushy: A Pull Story" (The Film That Spans More Than Ten Years)

2017: "Down 2 The Wire" (Thriller, ULTRA: Sequel)
2016: "Down To The Wire" (Bechdel), "Windows" (Mystery)
2015: "The Silent Man" (Mystery)
2014: "The Ex" (Rom Com)
2013: "Quarrelsome Heat" (Action/Adventure)
2012: "Nicky + Eve 19/5" (One Shot)
2011: "Band Of Bullies" (Quest)
2010: "I Am Single" (Rom Com)
2009: "New Fish" (Musical)
2008: "√úbermensch" (Horror)
2007: "Pain-Killer: The Sick Sense" (Superhero)

2005 - "Bruised Gold" (Documentary)

From: Auckland
Since: Apr 2011
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mad props to noise & pictures... such a clever idea and i'm not surprised they won at all... was especially awesome to see how stoked they were that they won it... and dancing up a storm at the after party...

2014 - Steve - 'Egg Hut' (AKL)
Audience Favourite (Heat 5)
2013 - Hibernation - 'Egg House' (AKL)
Audience Favourite (Heat 6), City Best Make-Up Nomination (Chelsea Ross), City & National Finalist
2012 - The Wiz-Nap - 'Voltron And The Holograms' (AKL)
Audience Favourite (Heat 17), City Best Actor & Actress Nominations (Jamaine & Chelsea Ross), City & National Finalist
2011 - A Letter To A Samurai - 'We'll Change This Later' (AKL)
City Best Disqualified Film
2010 - Pam's First Day - 'Face Spiders' (AKL)
Audience Favourite Runner Up (Heat 4)
2009 - Beard Spread - 'Just Cromulent' (AKL)
Audience Favourite (Heat 10) & City Best Actress Nomination (Chelsea Beckett)
2008 - Animal House - 'The Furious Team Of Doom... & Justice... But Mainly Doom' (AKL)
Audience Favourite Runner Up (Heat 17)
2007 - On The Level - 'High Four' (WLG)

From: Auckland
Since: May 2012
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in reply to kmb:

I thought your film was fantastic man, great acting/story and looked really nice. You were one of my fav 3 for sure.

Great night! Congrats to everyone and thanks to Ant again! :)

From: Wellington
Since: May 2012
Posts: 9

in reply to kmb:

Loved your film kmb!! Very funny! In my top 3 as well!

So glad that 'Brains?' won!! Super stoked for Noise & Pictures! You guys deserved it 100% and after first seeing it in the Wellington Finals I knew you would take home gold!

Go Wellington!

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From: auckland
Since: Jun 2012
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Congrats Noise and Pictures! and Welly, deserved winners on the night humbled to be amongst you guys - see ya next year chehooo!!!

From: auckland
Since: Jun 2012
Posts: 10

in reply to Hayley Marlow:

... yes the humour, script, acting, set, spfx make up, everything REALLY worked - congrats!

Hayley Marlow
From: Wellington
Since: Jun 2012
Posts: 12

in reply to goodfella:

Thank you Goodfella :)

What amazes me actually, is that sometimes, when the winner is announced, there are usually people saying, "didn't like it as much as...." and "I thought ........ should have won!" but there isn't anything like that out there.
Its bugging me out, what a shock!

While I was sitting there waiting for the Grand Champs to be annouced, I honestly thought we wouldn't get it.
It wasn't until everyone around me stood up around me, that I realised we had won.

All the films that played were amazing, thats why I didn't think it could be us. I loved MukPuddy, Team Lense Flare, and The Downlow concept (Cheers guys for the Kareoke! We Wellington folk felt very accepted), and LOVED Del Sur's film as well as Gin Joints! That Wiz-Nap film was really touching.

Its still a shock, and still can't quite believe it. Thank you for liking our film :)

SPFX Make-up for 'Brains?' - Noise and Pictures 2012

Jared Kahi
From: Auckland
Since: May 2011
Posts: 9

in reply to Hayley Marlow:

Huge congrats Hayley and rest of the team, it was SO great to see you guys turn up at Kareoke :) which is fast becoming a post 48hr final tradition. Loved your film, heard so much of the hype and excitement about it online and couldn't wait to see it, and it delivered big time! Such a unique spin on the Zombie film and really entertaining. All the best from camp Lense Flare!!!! :)

Jared Kahi
From: Auckland
Since: May 2011
Posts: 9

Ant! Hope we get to see the Grand Final intro in the screening room soon? it was awesome!

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