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Auckland Final
SkyCity Theatre, Sat June 2nd, Doors open 7.30. Start 8pm
Tickets are Available from Ticketek
Finalist Teams get 8 tickets. They will be available at the SkyCity Theatre box-office on the night.
Twitter : #48hoursnz

ADHDMi - "Brothers" - Fantasy Adventure
Battlesoup - "Briefcase of Pain" - Crime
Brothers in Crime - "BBS" - Erotic Superhero
Crankleskank - "Future Snake" - Found Footage
Del Sur - "Glow" - Inspirational
DERP - "Open, closed doors" - One shot+
Downlow Concept - "Seed" - End of World
Dream Coloured Lights - "Apple Bobbing" - Crime
Goodfellas - "Daylight Robbery" - One Shot+Crime
HaynesFilm Ow - "Blackout" - Found Footage
IdiotVision - "Love Story Sessions" - Romantic Comedy
Lense Flare - "The Girl With The Clover Tattoo - "One Shot+
Mukpuddy - "Love In Decay - Romantic Comedy
Scratch Negatives - "12" - End of World
Sinistral - "Go Fish" - Urban Legend
Voltron & Holograms - "Wiz-nap" - Found footage

CANON Best Cinematography
Scratch Negatives - "12" - End of World
Hybrid Motion Pictures - "Surcease" - Inspirational
Lense Flare - "The Girl With The Clover Tattoo" - One Shot
Del Sur - "Glow " - Inspirational
Band of the Wrong Tight Crowd - "Brave New World" - Fantasy Adventure
Grand Cheval - "Suck My Life- "Horror

RIALTO CHANNEL Rising Talent Award
Cheval House - "New Flat" - Found Footage
Too E Taa Hee - "Feilaulau (Sacrifice)" - Inspirational
Toasted Wolfgang - "Infelicitas" - Action
Edgie - "Love Oucheley" - Rom Com
mother would be proud - "Lovedumb" - Inspirational

IMAGES & SOUND Sexiest Looking Short
Chairman Wow - "Piwakawaka" - Horror
ADHDMi - "Brothers" - Fantasy Adventure
Sinistral - "Go Fish" - Urban Legend
Lense Flare - "The Girl With The Clover Tattoo" - One Shot
1001 - "Dead Meat" - End of World
Shot Brother - "Lucky Last" - Horror

SKINNY Best School Team
4D - "Infected" - End of World
Hungry Lion Productions - "Zomboy" - Horror
Jellyfish Appreciation Society - "Blinded" - Horror
Blank Pages - "Convicted" - Music Dance
Edgie - "Love Oucheley" - Rom Com

MITCIT - "Attack of the Mutant Fruit Flies" - End of World
Goon - "Julie Andriod" - Musical Dance
Freaks, Geeks, Individual Weirdos- "Karmas A Bitch" - Action

Best Female Director
Anna Duckworth - "Apple Bobbing" - Crime
Nina Wells - "Battle of the Bricks" - Action
Rachel Choy - "Catch Up - Crime
Ruby Railey - "Love Dumb" - Inspirational

Best Animation
Mukpuddy - "Love In Decay - Romantic Comedy
Toowit Toowoo - "A Grave Mistake" - Horror
Dog's Breakfast - "Brick's quest" - Fantasy Adventure
Whoflipped.com - "Autumn Strikes" - Musical/Dance
Purple Leaf Productions - "Afghani Gold" - Crime

Best Script
Lense Flare - "The Girl With The Clover Tattoo" - One Shot
Del Sur - "Glow" - Inspirational
Dream Coloured Pictures - "Apple Bobbing" - Crime
Downlow Concept - "Seed " - End of World
Half-Shell - "Finger Bang" - Action
Terminal Rise - "La Piscine Thermale - "Urban Legend

Best Actress
Courtney Abbot - "Lovedumb" - Inspirational
Chelsea Ross - "Wiz-nap" - Found footage
Anthea Hill - "Apple Bobbing" - Crime
Mackenzie Valgre - "Love Ouchely" - RomCom
JJ Fong - "Submission" - Action

Best Actor
Chris Tempest - "Future Snake" - Found Footage
Stephen Lunt - "Apple Bobbing " - Crime
Will Wallace - "Glow" - Inspirational
Jamaine Ross - "Wiz-nap" - Found footage
Tama Boyle - "Tilting At Windmills" - Fantasy Adventure
Jacob Ready - "Indoors, with Geoff" - Erotic Thriller

Best Editing
Chairman Wow - "Piwakawaka" - Horror
Band of the Wrong Tight Crowd - "Brave New World" -Fantasy Adventure
Hybrid Motion Pictures - "Surcease - "Inspirational
Battlesoup - "Briefcase of Pain" - Crime
Sideways productions - "My Confession" - Erotic Thriller
Try Hards - "The List" - Fantasy Adventure

Best Makeup
Artificial Nipple - "DMZ" - Music Dance
Grand Cheval - "Suck My Life" -Horror
Band of the Wrong Tight Crowd - "Brave new World" - Fantasy Adventure
Edge of your Seats - "Scared Scarfless" - Horror

Best Use of prop
Del Sur - "Glow" - Inspirational
Terminal Rise - "La Piscine Thermale" - Urban Legend
Shot Brother - "Lucky Last" - Horror
Big Red Firetruck - "Broken Clover" - Found Footage

Best Use of Line
idiotVision - "Love Story Sessions" - Romantic Comedy
Grand Cheval - "Suck My Life " - Horror
Edge of your Seats - "Scared Scarfless" - Urban Legend
Team Try Hards - "The List" - Fant Adventure

Best Use of Character
idiotVision - "Love Story Sessions" - Romantic Comedy
Scratch Negatives - "12" - End of World
Bald Faced Cheek - "Love [sic]" - RomCom
Write Club - "Lucky Girl" - Horror

Best Disqualified
Dr Jecklyll -"Ratty Crack Bride: The Ballad Of Nicky Brick" - Urban Legend
Bacon versus Lollipop - "Paranormal Dancetivity 4- Slave to the Beat" - Musical or Dance
Roger Harper Experience - "9 2 5" - Romantic Comedy
Halcyon Entertainment - "The Reckless" - Crime

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Sho Nuff
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in reply to zer05um:

BBS was awesome! was good to see a film made by a less experienced team in the finals. although it wasn't as polished, it was definitely one of the most entertaining films of the night

overall, the standard was the highest i've ever seen. must have been real hard to judge but i think the top 4 all deserved their respective places

it's a shame that the canon camera up for grabs will be going to the winner of the best cinematography award when all the nominees looked like they had been shot by people who already own 5Ds or other high end cameras. would probably be better going to a student or novice team

stoked for will wallace as best actor

can't wait to see what the rest of the country has done

Ben Fowler
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Sadly, Sideways Productions missed out on the finals again, and one of the guys took it pretty hard.

Check it out here:

This will probably appear as a Special Feature on the 'My Confession' 10th Anniversary Special Deluxe Collector's Edition VHS if anyone is interested.

Sideways Productions
2016- BOYFRIEND MATERIAL (Crime) Producer/Director/Editor
2015- "THE FOREST ROOM" (Mystery) Director/Writer/Producer/Editor (BEST EDITING- AKL, NOM. BEST ACTRESS- NZ)
2014- "BROKEN RECORD" (Film within a film) Producer/Editor
2013- "FUSION" (Crime) Director/Writer/Producer/Editor
2012- "MY CONFESSION" (Erotic Thriller) Director/Writer/Producer/Editor (NOMINATED BEST EDITING- AKL)
2011- "GOODBYE GILBERT" (Revenge) Director/Writer/Producer/Editor (SEXIEST SHORT- AKL)
2010- "THE VENTRILIQUIST" (Femme Fatale) Director/Writer/Editor (C4 TOP 5 FEMME FATALE)

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