Out of Town Teams

Out of Town Teams

Digital Pigeon UPLOAD LINK.

If you cannot make it to the physical hand in locations in one of the centres then you can register as an out of town team.

When you register you will need to select the closest city and then tick the Out of Town box. Your film will play in the heats of that centre and that city manager will be your point of contact.

Here's how it works for Out of Town teams:

Getting your Genre/Elements

Instead of coming to your city launch, you will get your genre and elements at 7pm on our website (the news section of the homepage). We will also upload the required elements on facebook at 7pm and the Wellington launch will be live-streamed over facebook too.

Delivering your film

To deliver your film you will need to upload it as a digital file to our Digital Pigeon upload link. We must receive the file by 7pm or the film will be considered a late entry. 

Digital Pigeon UPLOAD LINK.

To upload your film you will need to go to our upload link, upload your film and fill in the following fields:

  • Your name: Enter your team name here
  • Your email: Enter your team leader email here
  • Subject: Enter your city center, team name and film name here (eg. CITY TEAM FILM)
  • Message: Please list the following:
    • The TEAM LEADER'S PHONE NUMBER (or Guardian's number)
    • Your MD5 Checksum (info here)

Wrap up form 

You will need to fill out your wrap up form during the weekend. Check you have received your wrap up password - it should be emailed to your registered email by Friday (contact your city manager with your team name if you can't find this). This will allow you to change or add details about your film and your team.

What if something goes wrong?

In case there is a problem with your file upload we have a backup called the MD5 checksum code. We can use this to validate that entries were completed before the 7pm Deadline using a 'digital signature'. This needs to be sent to us in the online wrap-up form (BEFORE 7 pm on Sunday) and can prove that the film existed before the close of the competition. It is optional but it is an insurance policy in case things go wrong.

You can read all about it here

Can I upload a 'safety' file?

Teams who are delivering their films to the city hand in locations often send someone in earlier to wait with a "safety" file on usb. This means if something goes wrong with the final film the team can hand in the "safety" file as their entry.

For physical hand in we only allow one entry, but for Out of Town teams we will allow one safety file upload. This means you can upload one earlier version of your film in case something goes wrong at the end of the shoot weekend. Please note that if we receive multiple uploads it will be your second upload that will be accepted as your final entry.

Need to contact someone?

Out of Town Manager - Anita Ross - 021 293 81 53