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Your Hamilton City Manager is Jake Ngawaka.

Jake Ngawaka


Coming up on my tenth year in the competition, I am very much a 48hour lifer. My first five years competing was with an incredible band of misfits, pixies, and madmen, hooked me in, like filmmaking heroin.

There were launch parties, sleepless nights, failed musicals, a little of the old ultra-violence, and a 50/50 blend of blood and V running through the veins. That and a butt load of prizes.

Since taking the reins of Hamilton’s competition, I have thrived on fighting all those little battles that hopefully no one will ever need to hear about, to keep the event alive and thriving in the Waikato.

Rumours allege I may be a Maori Cyborg from the future, but tests are inconclusive.

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