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48Hours is all wrapped up for this year! Congratulations to everyone who took part.










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Vista Foundation and Home & Family - Mental health help for screen workers

15 May 2020

In a wonderful act of generosity to suit the times we are in  The Vista Foundation and Home & Family Counselling have collaborated to provide support to the people of the New Zealand film industry who have been affected by the social and commercial constraints of the Coronavirus pandemic.
This support…

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Screening Room Tips

14 May 2020

The 48Hours team does not upload your 48hour film for you, we let teams upload their own films so here are some tips:
The screening room accepts URL from Youtube or Vimeo. So you will need to upload it there first, in the spirit of the competition please use the…

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VF48HOURS: LOCKDOWN Grand Champ crowned

8 May 2020

Congratulations to the VF48HOURS: LOCKDOWN Grand Champ - "For Generations" by Squint Eastwood.
You can check out all the finalists and winners on our winner's page.
There will be a repeat screening on TVNZ Duke at 9.25pm Saturday May 9th.

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VF48Hours: Lockdown - Who will win?

27 Apr 2020

The top films in VF48HOURS: LOCKDOWN will be screened in a one hour TV special on TVNZ 2.
Friday May 8th - 9.10PM on TVNZ 2
with a special follow up screening on Saturday May 9th - 9.25PM on DUKE
**You can watch the live broadcast online via TVNZ's Ondemand…

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Facebook Live Event - Schedule

17 Apr 2020

Participants - Here is a schedule of our Facebook live events over the weekend - please don't miss the Health and Safety briefing at 6pm tonight! See you then!

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