Covid 19

In 2020 we ran the competition in level 4 lockdown which has given us some great insights into how to run a nationwide film competition safely in a pandemic.

The 2021 competition will run regardless of the Covid-19 alert level. We have backup plans in place for each element of the competition so it can happen in any alert level, as well as differing alert levels around the country.

We know that things can change in a matter of hours so keep an eye on our Facebook page and your emails in case we need to send information quickly.

Below is a breakdown of what will happen for each stage of the competition.


We will be streaming the launch on our Facebook page and the required elements will be posted there and on our website. Any teams who are out of town or in a region at alert level 2 or above can watch online. Live launch events will only go ahead if that region is in alert level 1.

Shoot Weekend

Rule number #1 of the competition is that you must comply with the alert level that applies to where you live. 

Please remember to make sure that you follow all the government restrictions during the shoot weekend for where you are. If the levels change during the weekend then you will need to make sure you follow the new restrictions.

At Alert level 3 you should stay home and in your bubble while making your film. Under level 3 filmmaking outside of your home or with those outside your direct bubble is not possible.

At Alert level 2 you should track all your movements using the scanner app, or keep a written list. You should practice good hand hygiene and sanitise. You should maintain social distancing of 2m when in public and if this is not possible wear a face covering.

Information can be found here -

If you are in Auckland we are running a postponement weekend on 12th -14th March - more info here.

Hand in

This year all teams will be submitting films online so this will be unaffected by a change in alert levels.


This year all heats will be streamed online so this will be unaffected by a change in alert levels.

City Finals

City final events will be postponed if the venue has a suitable postponement date, otherwise they will be live streamed if the alert level rises above level 1. Some smaller regions may be able to run the finals event in level 2 but this will be on a case by case basis.

Grand Finals

The grand finals event will be postponed if the venue has a suitable postponement date. The grand finalists and winner announcment will play on TV2 after the scheduled grand finals date so this will be our backup if the event can't be postponed.