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star striker
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camera sliders

Hello does anyone have any good advice on what are the best camera sliders out there ???
im looking at buying somthing. ive seen some going for around $120 - $150 are they too cheap ???

i have a z1 right now and will hopfully get a 60d in the next few months.



Nick Burridge
From: Auckland
Since: Apr 2011
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Rocket Rentals just got in a Kessler CineSlider which I'm in love with. But it rents at around $100/day, and it's far far more than that to buy. Before that I was looking at the Indian knock-off ProAim brand from CineUltima in Wellington, but it still ain't cheap [link]


From: Auckland
Since: Apr 2011
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we made ours. it's very rudimentary but the results on screen are smooth and that's all that matters!

it's more of a glider than a slider...

a long and VERY smooth and polished plank of wood with steel lips for the track and a block of wood with silk tape tanks tracks that the camera mounts to and just glides, almost floats along the track.

all up $40 :)

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star striker
Since: Apr 2011
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ive thought about making one but im not sure id have the patience and accuracy for it.

ive found some places but im not sure if they are any good.

(not sure if this is a good product or not)

im just after somthing small and simple right now.


Rocket Boy
From: Christchurch
Since: Apr 2011
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star striker I've got an indislider, it does a reasonable job but it's not really for large or heavy cameras, really my Canon 7D is a bit big for it, also the puck used to hold the camera is not the best solution, the pistol grip shown in the photo on the website would be better.

The build quality is good and the guy who makes and sells the products is good to deal with.


Michael Wilson
Since: Aug 2011
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You can buy the slider part directly from Agu & put your own feet on it. http://www.igus.co.nz/default.asp?Page=7&C=NZ&L=en

The do a deal for film makers including putting a threaded hole in the carriage.

In the mean time I make do with a pvc pip rig with skateboard wheel.s


From: Motukarara
Since: Apr 2011
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I'll second the cineslider. Nice piece of kit. I put mine under a Red and under an aaton rig. Worked a treat. The bearing sliders dont really compare... except in price where they win hands down.


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