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Surprise Auck Heat of Death...???

Having finished third in audience voting for Heat 17, I was surprised to see we were in the Auckland finals (Shonky Productions). But then I realised that there are three teams from heat 17 in the finals, and none of those teams were the audience favourite (which was 'John' by Sinistral). Maybe this was the little known, surprise heat of death?

Having been unable to go to our heat as I was away, therefore having seen no other films, I am wondering what others make of the finals list...???

Shonky Productions

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Don't overthink it :)

The judges have their own ideas of what's right - obviously they're not always looking for the same things the judges are. I'm looking forward to the finals this year - especially given how many of the team names I am not familiar with.

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Firstly Congrats to all AK teams, Just got a question because we didn't make it through to the AK finals, does that mean we can upload them to YouTube?


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Heat 17 was a surprise heat alright. We were in that heat (Sideways Productions) with Goodbye Gilbert as our film. A lot of good films in that heat....

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in reply to arobinsonnz:

Your film absolutely brought the house down, a possible reason it ranked third was that people probably assumed it would make the finals without their help. The strongest heat I've ever seen (in my opinion there were 5 or 6 films with a legitimate shot at the finals) and I'm surprised Sinistral didn't make AKL finals. My prediction is they will be a surprise inclusion at the grand final. I was proud of ours (Sabotage! 'rachel') but it paled in comparison to the stronger efforts of heat 17 (unofficial national heat of death)


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in reply to Sabotage!:

Heat 8 in Chch (of 9) produced *6* out of 12 city finalists down here, so that was pretty mighty as well.


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i'm sooo excited to see who takes out the Auckland Finals!!!

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in reply to Cardinal:

More of a night of death, heats 7-9 on that saturday have accounted for 9 of the 12 finalists

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