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Michael Griffin
From: Christchruch
Since: Apr 2011
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Locations used

Hey, This was my 3rd year entering v48 Hours.

I was wondering what sort of locations you guys used in your Short Films over the weekend?

Our Team used the following locations in Christchurch:
An Abandoned Barn (Probably used as crack house at some stage)
Coffe Culture Lincoln
Christchurch Airport + Tarmac
Car Park in Lincoln

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2010 Cross Roads: A Ball Too Many - The Road Movie
2011 Power² - Crime
2012 Recovery - Crime
2013 Calling Hohn - Android

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From: Taranaki
Since: May 2011
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In New Plymouth: main st cafe, foreshore, kids playground, residential st at night, car driving, party at flat (crashed a real party with a pile of release forms) funny when we turned the music off and told everyone to pretend to party without making any noise... Hard when they had all had a fair few :) (it was 2am sat morning).

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From: Auckland
Since: Apr 2011
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entered in auckland... shot on a couple of farms outside of huntly... bit of a journey but worth it for the free art department... did pickups in the backyard, in the garage and at the park shooting low angle...

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2012 - The Wiz-Nap - 'Voltron And The Holograms' (AKL)
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2011 - A Letter To A Samurai - 'We'll Change This Later' (AKL)
City Best Disqualified Film
2010 - Pam's First Day - 'Face Spiders' (AKL)
Audience Favourite Runner Up (Heat 4)
2009 - Beard Spread - 'Just Cromulent' (AKL)
Audience Favourite (Heat 10) & City Best Actress Nomination (Chelsea Beckett)
2008 - Animal House - 'The Furious Team Of Doom... & Justice... But Mainly Doom' (AKL)
Audience Favourite Runner Up (Heat 17)
2007 - On The Level - 'High Four' (WLG)

Nick Burridge
From: Auckland
Since: Apr 2011
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- Auckland Domain (saw a couple of other 48 teams filming there, very popular location. one had a big carboard robot.)
- Old abandoned railyard in Parnell I had no idea existed till one of our team members suggested it
- Clothing warehouse belonging to family of a team member
- Couple of team member houses (I swear someone who's watched all our 48 entries could probably draw a floor plan of my house by now)
- Underwater in my pool!


From: Auckland
Since: Apr 2011
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We shot in an office. You know, our one room... *sigh* (also a couple of establishing shots outside said office)

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2009 | Musical/Dance | All's Fair
2008 | Drama | The End (Auckland Winner)
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2005 | Romance | Fruits of Passion
2004 | Action/Adventure | The Sceptre of MacGuffin (City Finalist)
2003 | Cop/Crime | Forensic Investigation Team

From: Wellington
Since: May 2011
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dance studio (guess what genre we got, thankfully the producer is a dance teacher and owns her own studio)
Victoria Uni
alleyway behind state opera house
park off Bond st (with an awesome breakdancing crew)


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2010: Judged Miss Burlesque New Zealand instead

Joseph Moore
From: Auckland
Since: May 2011
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We shot primarily in devonport, where I'd been only once before (lived in Auckland 4 years, way to go). It was beautiful, an awesome location. we shot in a kindergarten there, as well as a converted villa/office, and generally on the pier/beach. Pretty stoked considering we were super lazy with presourcing locations this gear and wrangled everything on the day.

Just got back from the first few heats in Auckland. Three teams in one heat used the same bridge. Where is that bridge? It's a cool bridge. And there was an even cooler bridge in a film in the 3rd heat. Ultimately what I'm saying is that some teams used cool bridges.

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From: Christchurch
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Remember: what the camera sees the audience believes.
Peter Jackson once filmed a jungle scene on a tree covered roundabout and sold it as deep in the heart of the west coast bush.

Clever thinking saves time in the 48s

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2008 - Team 'Rubber Tears' - Juvenile Delinquent: 'Lipstick Karma'
2007 - Team 'Rubber Tears' - Grindhouse: 'Grindhouse Day Presents'
2006 - Team 'Rubber Tears' - War/Western: 'An Unruly Patch of Land'
2005 - Team 'Imagic Mushrooms' - Pretentious Art: 'Erar Muidem'

From: Wellington
Since: Apr 2011
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We shot on a farm and the beach beside it,

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From: Auckland
Since: May 2011
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In Auckland, shot on playground at bottom of Mt Eden, saw another V48 group walk past while filming on the Saturday, SO AWKWARD, exchanged stares.

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From: Tauranga
Since: May 2011
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I bet a lot of people shot in a playground.
As for us;

Playground in Mt Albert Primary
Abandoned Railyard in Parnell
Backstreets in Te Atatu
Under the harbour bridge on the north shore side (exceptional location)
Hospital exterior in Henderson
Van interiors

..was the most expansive shoot we've ever undertaken.
Didn't see any other teams all day, did chase away one looney old bag who wanted a piece of the action pie.

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From: Christchurch
Since: May 2011
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Hagley Park and the backyard of my flat.

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Since: Apr 2011
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In order:

Rooms where we were based
Outside Courthouse
Port/Warehousing area
Outdoor Basketball court
Port/Warehousing area (don't ask)
Boiler room
Parking building
Rooms where we were based (pickups and inserts on Sunday)

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Chaz Harris
From: Wellington
Since: May 2011
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In Wellington:

Central Park in Brooklyn

It was perfect, thanks Film Wellington! :)

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From: Auckland
Since: Apr 2011
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- a vinyard
- a game arcade
- a boat ramp
- scenic drive

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From: auckland
Since: Apr 2011
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in reply to Joseph Moore:

..want to know where this cool bridge is!!!!.......

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From: auckland
Since: Apr 2011
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a mostly queit road way away from auckland central, hobos and cops.

Asylum - Flicker

From: Auckland
Since: May 2011
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in reply to Zombastor:

We were thinking about under the harbour bridge north side... gald we didn't might have been an awkward moment...

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