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hmmm one room as a genre? no, don't think so. Probly why there had to be the additional genre - all just set in one room. And yep, in a video friendly bathroom... where on earth did you find a bathroom like this? Brilliant.


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in reply to habrax:

we weren't disqualified no matter how much Mista Teas is trying to insinuate on how we screwed up somewhere (grow some balls and just say it... be-a-man)

Huh? I think you're being a bit overly sensitive. All I did was ask a question about the other genre you used 'cos I was genuinely interested in what the interpretation was and in what I was missing. You provided a ambigious answer. Whatever. Did you screw up? I doubt it but I never even cared about that in the first place. What the hell would be my motivation? Jeez, move on.

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Quirky and a wee bit strange.... really liked it. Loved the lack of dialogue and the ending fitted it perfectly. Camera angles and the editing was great. What a let down that you didn't make the finals. Do something different, the 48 mantra and when you do...??? Great consistency with 48 - or do I mean inconsistent???

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