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2012 compulsory elements and genres - thoughts?

Character : Nicky Brick, An Unlucky Person
The name seemed an odd choice - great for comedy (I totally took the piss with a whole family of similarly silly named characters), and Nick Brick would be a perfect name for an action hero, but somewhat annoying for serious drama. I expect there'll be quite a few Nicholas Brick and Nichola Brick characters around. No problems with her/him being unlucky - characters should always be getting into some sort of trouble.

Line of Dialogue : "I did that"
Difficult to sneak into a longer line (which I always enjoy when done well) but otherwise no problems.

Prop : A leaf
I thought about fig leaves, clover leaves, leaves of paper, then gave up and just set most of my film in a forest :) Anyone think up something more original?

Special : Some Slow-Motion
Very interesting, especially the possibility of a film done entirely in slo-mo, which I really really hope someone did. I wonder how many people tearfully discovered their feeble NLE software can't alter playback speed and so had to fake their slo-mo?

- Erotic Thriller: the big gamble, as far as unintentional comedy goes.
- One Shot: intriguing, a big challenge to write and perform to keep the action interesting, especially for teams not blessed with dollies and stabilisers etc and so forced to stick with one static shot. I'm expecting some terrible and some fabulous ones. I wonder how many teams went for a fake one shot, i.e. camera or post trickery to (hopefully) seamlessly combine multiple shots.
- Found Footage: again I'm expecting some terrible and some fabulous ones - this genre is easy to do, but hard to do well.


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in reply to clattybella:

Hah. I used a large print of a four leaf clover in the background of one of my virtual sets.

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Slow mo was probably the best element we could have hoped for this year as our camera is capable of 300fps. However we only used it at 150fps. The number of slow motion clips we ended up with is huge, and more than a few of them are of the crew going crazy instead of the cast acting.

We filmed in a forest. But we didn't feel this was a valid use of the prop, so we added in a bloodied leaf for good measure.

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Really liked the genre selection this year. In fact we liked it some much that we used (by my count) four.

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in reply to Brendon:

An inspirational musical erotic thriller captured in one shot?

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in reply to clattybella:

we tried glue, but our clover died :0( so we just printed a photoshopped one and taped it to wire. it only looks a little fake :o)

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Yeah slow mo was..... Convenient :)


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in reply to Taunise:

One shot: Yes.
Musical: No (but dance yes-ish)
Inspirational: Questionable
Erotic Thriller: I'd say whatever the exact opposite of this is, we did that.

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We got found footage, and that threw us for a while....I knew I definitely didn't want to do just another shakey-cam movie. Pretty happy with what we came up with though.

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I must admit I'm kind of surprised to see "Our film has a tree in it" popping up from a few people as justification for one of the compulsory elements.

Is this really using a leaf as a prop? *Really*?

Would "There is a rock visible on the ground in the distant background of our film at 3 minutes and 27 seconds" have qualified as OK in 2009?


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What's wrong with using a tree, as long as it's clearly in shot?

Everyone is always banging on about not making the compulsory elements too obvious (e.g. "Oh Nicky Brick, you're so unlucky")

A leaf is a prop you can get in subtly using this approach.


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in reply to Bevan33:

A tree isn't a prop, it's a part of a set. A prop is something that you intentionally put in a movie. Sky isn't a prop, grass isn't a prop...

I would consider a prop something a character interacts with. But that's just my opinion, I doubt anyone will get called out on it though.


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I agree with stringbean.

A set is totally different to a prop.

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in reply to Bevan33:

"Oh Nicky Brick, you're so unlucky"

Ours wasn't too far removed from that ( slightly subtler) because our story had nothing to do with him and we had to shove him in later. If only we had known it didn't actually have to be a person, because we had an ice cream cone that falls which would have been the perfect Nicky Brick.

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in reply to stringbean:

A tree isn't the same as sky or grass.
If you film outside you're going to have those things in your film.

We intentionally had our characters have a conversation in front of a tree.
The tree is clearly visible in touching distance, not away in the background.
If it wasn't for the requirement, they would have had the conversation on a park bench.

This discussion seems really petty but nevertheless engrossing!


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I'm with string bean and dramamike on this one. While I wouldn't disqualify anyone who used the old "oh, we filmed in the bush" excuse, I still consider it borderline cheating and against the spirit of it. :D Then again, I've always appreciated a little clever bending of rules.......


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we filmed in a forest but that wasn't where our prop was. after all our computer crashes and re film and re edit i realised our film was full of leaves,99.9% unintentional

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