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Shang-Poh Yu
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Aspiring actors and actresses +writers needed! Wellington

Hi. I got together a talented group of third year Massey design students to create a stunning entry into the comp. Thing is we are kind of lacking in the acting department so anyone keen just write on this or get in contact with me asap at shang676@gmail.com writers and musicians would be great too! Or just generally anyone whose keen, willing to help and learn, a team player and would be great if you could bring something to the table.




From: Wellington
Since: May 2012
Posts: 3

Hi Shang
I have some acting experience and would be keen to give it a go. Just had a speaking part in a film that is going international named 'The Cure' so let me know if you think I could possibly help out.


ganesh babu
From: Wellington
Since: May 2012
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I am a camera man/director from wellington and own Canon 5D Mk2 camera.
Would love to join your team, if you have space for me.

I can work as an assistant director too…



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in reply to ganesh babu:

Ganesh, please stop spamming the forums. Your details are available for anyone who wants to contact you.

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Er... you're a bit late. Judging by the original post, they wanted actors for this year's 48 hour film fest comp. Which is long over :)


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