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48HOURS 2016 – A Furious Filmmaking Competition

Rules 2016

What you Must do

  1. The competition shoot weekend runs from 7pm Friday Sept 16 to 7pm Sunday Sept 18. (the 'Competition') The entire content of the 'Film' must be shot between these times. (except any production Logos).
  2. You must Register your team with a unique email address that is accessible before, during, and after the competition. Important information is sent to this address allowing you to be eligible for judging and Prizes.
  3. You Must complete The Registration form, accept all terms and conditions and these rules, and complete the payment section. (the 'Registration'). Keep your receipt that will be sent to the email address you entered.
  4. The price of Registration is $225 (incl.GST) 'Regular Price' until the close of registrations. Early Bird pricing is available.
  5. The actual duration of the competition this year is 48 hours.
  6. NEW MAX DURATION - The duration of the Film will be between 1 minute, and 5 minutes, Including your Titles and all Credits. (the 'Film'). You do not have to make a 5 minute Film.
  7. The entire Entry must be in File format only within our specification guidelines listed below, (the 'Entry'), and submitted on a USB memory stick. (USB sticks cannot be returned).
  8. You may shoot and edit your team intro before or during the Competition.
  9. Your Film must include all the required elements as supplied at the launch, and the required line of dialog must appear in the film exactly as given with each word appearing in the given order, to be eligible for judging.
  10. Your Film must include the Final closing credit:
    "Made as part of HP48HOURS 2016"
  11. All teams must fill out the online wrap sheet before 7pm at the close of competition.Access to this form will be provided to the registered email address at the start of the competition.
  12. All participants must fill out a release form that is to be held by the Team leader until requested, including property release forms for identifiable or private properties, business buildings, or managed spaces such as Shopping Malls, Airports, Museums, schools etc.
  13. Original Music entries must be created specifically on the Shoot weekend. Composers and music contributors must fill out a release form to be held by the Team Leader, and complete the music cue sheet on the online wrap-up form if they wish to be judged.
  14. Cast and crew can be volunteers or professionals.
  15. Some Cities have limited spaces and only teams who complete a valid registration before the spaces are filled will be accepted. Check your City info for more details.
  16. All Films must be in English or have English subtitles.
  17. You must indicate on the Wrap-up form a 'self classification' Rating of your short. eg. G, PG, or M. To assist us organising heats, especially where school teams are involved. If we believe for any reason the film would go beyond theatrical and broadcasting standards then we may, at our discretion, reject your short and it will be ineligible for screening or awards. We strongly suggest the content of your film is produced to conform with an M or below rating.
  18. Your SINGLE FILE Entry must include the following video content in the following order:
    • Your Team intro, any length up to 20 seconds.
    • Info Card: Title, Team, Genre, City - 10 Seconds
    • The Film: Between 1 minute and 5 minutes long, including credits, and ending with "Made as part of HP 48Hours 2016"
    • Silent, Black screen: About 5 seconds
  19. We may for reasons of continuity or time, excise any part of your 'Entry' not including your actual 'Film', when it is exhibited, judged, or Broadcast.
  20. The Team Leader (Or Parent Or Guardian) who accepts and submits the Entry form is our first point of contact, and is solely responsible for communicating all information to the team, and the distribution of any Awards and/or prizes to the team.
  21. SCHOOL TEAMS may only enter as a School team if they belong to Primary, Intermediate or Secondary education schools within the control of the Ministry of Education NZ. This excludes Film schools, Polytechnics and Language schools. All participants under the age of 18 years are required to have release forms signed by a parent or Guardian, and retained by the Team Leader/Teacher/Guardian indefinitely or until requested by HP 48HOURS.
  22. If you are a SCHOOL TEAM you must click the check box marked SCHOOL TEAM in the registration area and enter the full Name of the school in the box provided . Only valid SCHOOL TEAMS are entitled to the '2 teams for the price of one' Deal. When you register and pay the full amount for one team, your confirmation email will contain a voucher for a second free SCHOOL TEAM entry. You must enter this into the DISCOUNT box when you Register your second SCHOOL TEAM.
  23. If you are a registering a SCHOOL TEAM or you are a Guardian or Teacher registering on behalf of a team or number of teams, then you must use a unique email address for each team and you must be able to communicate the information sent to each address, or give access to the matching team members. 
    We do NOT recommend using @[your] addresses, as important emails may be filtered out and lost, or inaccessible during the competition.
  24. You must understand and accept, that any Text messages, email and other electronic messages sent to your nominated Cellular device, email account or other messaging device/system are assumed to be received correctly and in a timely manner. Incorrectly submitted numbers, addresses or accounts, or service disruptions or content filters, are beyond our control and responsibility. Check the HP48HOURS website as all information and updates regarding the competition will be found there.
  25. 'Out of town' entries have a few extra rules.
    Read these if you are competing Out of Town. >
    • If you cannot compete in one of the official regions, you can compete as an 'Out of town' team.
    • You must first register your team and select 'Out of Town' entry on the registration form, and also select the nearest participating City. Your Heats will be held in this City.
    • You must create an MD5 'signature' Code of your Completed entry file and enter the code in the Online Wrapup Form. This Must be created and received by us BEFORE 7PM on the close of competition NZ Standard TIME. (see Out of Town Help)
    • You will need to upload you film to see Out Of Towners for more info
  26. Competing From Overseas or collaborating with overseas filmmakers:
    • You must be a kiwi living abroad, or have a kiwi-based team leader in NZ and you are shooting material here and or abroad for your short. .
    • You must abide by all the rules, and be responsible for checking the start time in local NZST time, and Finish time in NZST time (UTC+12:00). You will have the same 48 hours to submit your entry.
  27. Recommended File Specifications

The Entry File is to be delivered in the recommended formats on a USB stick. USB sticks cannot be returned.

    • Video Codec: h.264
    • Audio Codec: AAC-LC
    • File extension: mp4 or mov
    • Framerate: 25fps
    • Resolution: 1024 x 576 (SD), 1280 x 720 (HD), 1920 x 1080 (HD)
    • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
    • Pixel Aspect Ratio: 1.0 (Square Pixels)
    • Field Order: Progressive playback
    • Video Format: 'PAL' (for those shooting on analog or webcam systems your entry must be output at 25fps (frames per second), and be set within a 16:9 frame.
    • Video Bitrate: Variable bit rate encoding approximately 10 megabits per second. We recommend the following bitrates for highest quality at the following frame sizes:
      • 1024 x 576: 4 megabits per second (i.e 4mb/s or 4000 kb/s)
      • 1280 x 720: 8 megabits per second (i.e 8mb/s or 8000 kb/s)
      • 1920 x 1080: 10 megabits per second (i.e 10mb/s or 10000 kb/s)
    • Audio Bitrate: 192 kilobits per second (i.e 192 kb/s)
    • Audio Sample Rate: 48kHz (ie - 48,000 Hz)
    • Media: A USB stick formatted for FAT32. Typically you will not need more than 2Gb if correctly exported
    • We are not obliged to accept into competition and/or exhibit any entry outside these specifications and/or rules.

Rules - What you Must Not Do

  • Don't be late. Any entries submitted after 7pm Sunday 18 Sept EXACTLY are not eligible for entry into the competition for Judging or prizes.
  • If you are late submitting your film, we MAY still play it at the heats (time permitting) if we receive the submission before 8pm on the closing Sunday Sept 18, 2016 .
  • Don't include any unlicensed copyrighted material, or sound in your short. This includes images and sounds that may appear in the background such as TV, radio, or music. (see copyright help) Or go to
  • Don't change the required line of dialog. It must appear in the film in the order as given.
  • Don't submit Tapes, CD files or DVD's of your film. They are not accepted.
  • Don't screen your short prior to your heat. Not even to the cast and crew. Watch it on the Big Screen.


  • Don't upload your short to any file sharing network or website such as youtube or vimeo until you are told to, after the judging rounds. This will be advised on the Website and on our Facebook Page
  • Don't Cheat. Any team found to have cheated in some way will be disqualified from any awards, prizes and screenings. Please keep the spirit of the competition in the back of your mind throughout the process. And keep in mind how vindictive and small NZ is! You're supposed to be having fun, not trying to screw the system.

The most important points to read now. SAFETY FIRST

  • Please do not drive a vehicle over the speed limit throughout the weekend but especially not during the final dash to the finish line. This is a fun competition – DO NOT BE STUPID – your life and the lives of others are far more important than a silly short film.
  • Please don't run around with guns or weapons in public. The Police take this very seriously and you are endangering yourself and others. Shooting a film is not a license to break any laws. Let neighbours and the public know if you are filming scenes that may be mistaken for people in trouble, before they call the Police on you. In other words, use your common sense.
  • Please don't leave it until Sunday night to try and ingest and output a film with your editing software and system.
  • Practice it, test it, and give yourself double the time to do it on the day.
  • 95% of late entries are caused by editing-output issues.
  • You may include a team logo AS PART of your Film's running time, but try to keep it very short. (10 seconds here, compares to having a 3 minute logo on a feature film!)
  • Just don't be late. If you are late submitting your entry, you might still have your short played at the Heats, time permitting, but it will not be eligible for any awards or prizes.
  • Need practice? - Need to test your gear? You could shoot team members introducing their skills. Edit it. Output it correctly. Have a screening with your team. Discuss. This could be your team intro completed!
  • We love our sponsors who support us unconditionally. Without them we wouldn't exist so we like to keep them happy, to keep you happy. You are not required to include any sponsored products or services in your film and there are no points awarded by doing so. Product placement is a distraction you cannot afford in a short film.

FAQ information and Help > Page Here

Rules are subject to change up to the Competition start-time. Any changes will be noted on the News page of, to the registered email address of the Team Leader, and our Facebook Page.