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48HOURS 2016 – A Furious Filmmaking Competition

Posted by Ant on 26 November 2016 at 08:05


Congratulations to all as the Grand National Finals were held last night at the Civic Theatre Auckland.
The winner was chosen to go into the Grand Finals by Sir Peter Jackson, one of his four 'Wildcard' selections.

Grand National Champion: Chillybox - "(time) Travel Center"

Grand National Runner-up: Prime Rib "Ghostfish: Catfished By A Ghost"

Grand National Third Place: "LOVE.EXE" by Bork!

Best Director: Lachlan Wilson -NZBS Pig's Guts Films - "A Disabled Account"
Best Cinematography: Matt Sharp - "The Tender Grace" by Cinetrance
Best Actress: Karin McCracken -"Mondays" by Tiny Talkies
Best Actor: Aaron Jackson - "The Tender Grace" by Cinetrance
Best Editing: Jamie Linehan - "Ghostfish: Catfished By A Ghost" by Prime Rib
Female Director Award: Lauren Porteous - 'Morning after' by Cool Story Bro
Best Script: Peter Haynes - "Mahnamana" by Haynesfilm Bunch
Best Makeup: Tanya Barlow - "Ghostfish: Catfished By A Ghost" by Prime Rib
Best Animation: "Love.exe" by Bork!
Best Score: Scott Koorey and Zac Beckett-Knight - TBALC Prime - "Windows"
Best Song: Rob$tar -'Bromance' - Team Indeed
Best School Team: Squad
Incredibly Strange Film: "BOB...Interdimensional Wool Courier" by Don't Panic Pictures
Best Disqualified Film: "48 Hour Famine" by The Purple Dragons

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