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First Timers

There is a lot of information on this site. It can be kind of overwhelming for first timers. Get to know how the competition works first and you'll find it much easier to create a great film.

REGISTER ONLINE EARLY TO GET THE DISCOUNT We advise you to get your team together as soon as registration opens and confirm the key members of your team can participate. The registration price goes up closer to the event.

There is a timer indicating when registration opens and then when it ends. We'll update the News and City Info pages as the shoot weekend approaches.

Payment is by credit card only.

If you are under 18 and are wanting to register a team you must have a Guardian around and they must also register as Team Leader for legal reasons.


13-time entrant Dylan Reeve (and co-director of smash doc TICKLED) from team Fractured Radius has some helpful recommendations for everyone.

"I highly recommend Film Riot on YouTube. There's hundreds (I think) of videos exploring all aspects of film making, largely tilted toward indie and low-budget stuff. They cover technique as well as practical things like planning.

Here's one about prepping for a short film!

This one is about lights. And a whole playlist of lighting related videos. And this one too - about lighting for 'darkness' which is really good."

Check out our FORUM to get help on all aspects of 48hours filmmaking including joining a team or finding cast and crew for your team.


If you are a School Team you must click the check box marked 'schoolteam' in the registration form. Schools teams are entitled to the '2 teams for the price of one' Deal. When you pay for one team, your confirmation email will contain a voucher for another free Team entry.

You Must register each team with a different email address. The actual team must have access to this email over the weekend.

When you enter as a school team, the online registration form needs to have release forms signed by a parent/guardian.

The Registration form will need to be read and completed online by a parent/guardian over the age of 18. Payment is by credit card only.

A teacher is a good person to fill out your Registration form, as they could also organise the other team from the school. Enter the free voucher you receive into the DISCOUNT box when the second team is registered.

If you are using any school equipment then naturally you'd ask the person in charge at your school. You may include friends from other schools in your team, but be sure to ask the person paying first.

Once this is done, all the same competition Rules will apply to your entry - so be sure to read them and the registration document before registering.

Joining a team

Simply find another person who has registered, and ask to be part of their team. Simple as that really. You can find and post positions on our FORUM page 'Cast and Crews'