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48HOURS 16-18 September 2016

16-18 September 2016


Registration Closes: Midnight September 12

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  • 1st Jul Early-bird Registration
  • 1st Aug Full Registration Open
  • 12th Sep Registrations Close
  • 16th Sep Shoot Begins
  • 18th Sep Hand-in
  • 20th Sep City Heats Start
  • Early Oct City Finals
  • 25th Nov Grand Final

10 Steps to Enter

  1. Assemble your Team
  2. Read the First Timers Survival Guide & the Rules
  3. Register & Pay
  4. Practice your Camera, Editor, and File output work-flow
  5. Keep up to date with News
  6. Check out City Info
  7. Attend the Launch to receive your genre & V
  8. Make a short in less than 48 hours
  9. Complete the Online Wrap-Up
  10. Hand in your short at the Finish Line and you're done!
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Latest News

Are you ready for the mother of all warm-up competitions? Then get ready for 48MINUTES!

Posted by Ant on 23 August 2016 at 08:48 | Comments | View Post

If you think the idea of creating an entire short film over a weekend is crazy then how about just having 48 minutes?! Welcome to HP48MINUTES. For one hour on Sat Sept 3rd you just might have the most intense fun experience ever.

This super fast mini-comp held before the national HP48HOURS competition is free and open to anyone in New Zealand. You do not need to be part of HP48HOURS (but consider this an extreme taster). All you need to enter is a cool head, a quick mind and a hot idea.

You will have only 48 minutes to create a 48 second micro-movie. Now we know 48 seconds is not much time to tell an involved story - but you can tell a micro story. So get creative. This is a populist mini-comp so make something entertaining. We're not here to solve world peace.

So start prepping now. This is going to be insane. Use a mobile phone, a camera, or whatever you want - just make sure you upload something before 48 minutes are up.


On Saturday September 3rd at 1.59pm, we will will announce here and on social media the compulsory elements a line of dialogue, a prop that you must include in your micro short.

Then you will only have 48 minutes to create.
Then upload your micro-masterpiece to youtube, vimeo (or any video hosting site)
Then post the link to our 48HOURS Facebook page.
For the love of all things holy - DO NOT create a monster high-res file - you need your file smallish - so you can upload to youtube or vimeo quickly. Test it out now, not on the day.

Our judges will pick a winner who will walk away not only with an incredible HP notebook valued at over $2000 but the 48 Holy Grail as well.

Yes for the first time ever since 2003 we are giving away the one thing we said we would never do - TIME!

YES! The winner gets an extra forty eight precious minutes on the 48Hours shoot weekend. That 48 extra minutes where you need it most. Right at the end of a brutal weekend.

WHEN : Saturday September 3rd at 2pm
At 1.59pm we will post the compulsory elements on this site and on our FB page.
UPLOAD : Your link must be on our FB page by 2.49pm. Do not leave it til the last second.

**** Make sure your micro-short is 48s not 50s not 22s.. your short could be 40s with 8s of a static credit block or THE END on screen or just black. Just don't go over 48s. We're not going to be super pedantic on this if we're a few frames out.. *****

The Winner will be announced Tuesday Sept 6th. One week before registration finishes.


A sweet & powerful specced up OMEN notebook from our awesome Sponsors HP valued at > $2000
+ Your Micro-Masterpiece will play in cinemas throughout NZ during HP 48HOURS.
+ You get the once in a life time 48 extra minutes on shoot weekend.

2nd - $300 Cash + One Transferrable 48 Registration
3rd - $200 Cash + One Transferrable 48 Registration
4th - One Transferrable 48 Registration
5th - One Transferrable 48 Registration

The 48 Managers
Staff of The Spinoff

hashtag - HP48MINUTES

There are no rules. Well okay there are a few.

  • The #1 rule is to have fun.
    The #2 rule is to be safe
    The #3 rule is to prepare and test beforehand.
    The #4 rule is that the Judges decision is final.
    The #5 rule is we are not responsible for fault equipment, internet woes or anything that goes wrong on the day for you.
    The #6 rule is HP is not responsible for this competition.
    The #7 rule is these rules are subject to change up til 1.59pm Sat Sept 3rd.

  • Welly Co-Manager With Winning Formula!

    Posted by Ant on 9 August 2016 at 11:26 | Comments | View Post

    Ruth Korver is running the Wgtn region with her partner in crime Ness Patea. Her team won the Grand Championship with a film called The Sleeping Plot a few years back. So listen to her. She knows what she's talking about.

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