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48HOURS 2016 – A Furious Filmmaking Competition

What is 48+?

Well things just got a little more interesting and the stakes a little higher around here. Let's all welcome 48+ to the fold.

So just what the beejeebers is 48+?

Well 48+ is a development programme that will contribute to the growth of untapped 48HOURS writers and/or writer/directors who are in the early stages of their career. The programme provides support for the writers and/or writer/directors from concept through to first draft - all the way through to potentially getting their script produced.

The bottom line is we have an ongoing devolved fund from the lovely chappies at the New Zealand Film Commission to support and nurture new writing talent. It is important to note that this is not a fund for those who have already been heavily supported with development funds via the NZFC previously.

Through this development, 48+ will invest in talented individuals in order to create NZs next generation of savvy screenwriters and/or screenplays that meet and understand today's international marketplace.

This programme is unique in that while the 48+ provides structure, the programme is tailored to each of the 48+ writers individual professional development needs. Critical to the programme are the following attributes:

  • It is about the person (not a whole 48HOURS team).
  • It is targeted at the writer or writer/director.
  • It provides discretionary finance to fund individual professional development needs. These needs are defined against the goal of putting people on the pathway to create great scripts.
  • The programme is flexible and responsive - the onus is on working one-on-one with the individual rather than documentation or application processes.

At its core the programme is a flexible mentorship that is shaped to the individual requirements of the targeted talent.

Programme Goals 48+ seeks to:

Contribute to the development of specs scripts or scripts ready for optioning/development investment.

Contribute to the development of up to four writers/writer directors each programme:

  • Improve writers and/or writer/directors understanding of the industry;
  • Develop their relationships with agents, producers, directors and other industry stakeholders;
  • Hone their creative writing skills; and
  • Gain clarity on their future career plan.

If the above sounds like you then we'd love to hear from you. Expressions of interest are now open. Please fill out the form below. We'll announce the Programme ONE writers in July, 2015.

Expressions of interest need to be received no later than 10pm, Sunday July 5th, 2015 for consideration for Programme ONE.

Tim Groenendaal