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48HOURS 1-3 May 2015

1-3 May 2015


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  • 9th Mar Early-bird Registration
  • 30th Mar Full Registration Open
  • 29th Apr Registrations Close
  • 1st May Shoot Begins
  • 3rd May Hand-in
  • 5th May City Heats Start
  • Early Jun City Finals
  • 4th Jul Grand Final

10 Steps to Enter

  1. Assemble your Team
  2. Read the First Timers Survival Guide & the Rules
  3. Register & Pay
  4. Practice your Camera, Editor, and File output work-flow
  5. Keep up to date with News
  6. Check out City Info
  7. Attend the Launch to receive your genre & V
  8. Make a short in less than 48 hours
  9. Complete the Online Wrap-Up
  10. Hand in your short at the Finish Line and you're done!
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Latest News


Posted by Ant on 25 June 2015 at 11:12 | Comments | View Post

2015 ended up being the most intense & tight judging in 48HOURS history!

Judges have expressed there was such a high level of films produced with repeat viewings required, and are stunned that teams managed to make them in just 48 hours. Boiled's sickening how talented you are!

Finalists for Best Film 2015 including Peter Jackson's Wildcards in alphabetical order are:

Asylum - "Katy Harrison: Grooming A Superstar" - Rockumentary
Chess Club - "Bread Winner" - Musical Movie
Chilly Box -"Clean Getaway" - Black Comedy
Cinema in Decline - "Snoopy Rupert, Aro P.I." - Mystery Movie
Couch Kumaras -"Loyal"- Buddy Movie
Grand Cheval - "The Dig" - Other Dimension Movie
King Gains-Bury & Biches - "Tide" - Buddy Movie
Peru - "Hard To Read" - Musical Movie
Sinistral - "Harping On" - Last Person on Earth Movie
TBALC - "The Silent Man" - Mystery Movie
The Good Kuntz - "Interloafer" - Mistaken Identity Movie

And the Peter Jackson Wildcards are...

Goodfellas - "Full Circle" - Mistaken Identity Movie
Moffilaide - "Bringing Back Bruce" - Mistaken Identity Movie
Traces of Nut - "Sound Sleep" - Mystery Movie

GRAND NATIONAL FINAL - 7pm Saturday 4th July. Watch the best internationally judged shorts on the big screen and witness the full Awards Ceremony Live on stage. Get yours now from Ticketmaster.

All teams except the 14 Grand National Finalists may now upload their films to the Screening Room


Posted by Ant on 9 June 2015 at 15:26 | Comments | View Post

Tickets are now on sale for the GRAND NATIONAL FINAL 7pm Saturday 4th July. Watch the best internationally judged shorts on the big screen and witness the full Awards Ceremony Live on stage. Get yours now from Ticketmaster.


Posted by Ant on 8 June 2015 at 00:05 | Comments | View Post

Congratulations to All Auckland teams for 2015. Here are the results from tonight's show

AUCKLAND CITY WINNER - "Bread Winner" - Chess Club - Musical Movie

AUCKLAND CITY RUNNER UP "Hard To Read" - Peru - Musical Movie

  • V Best Actress - Amanda Billing - "Tide" - King Gains Bury Biches
  • V Best Actor - Barnaby Fredric - "Bread Winner" - Chess Club
  • CANON Regional Best Cinematography - Sinistral - Daryl Habraken
  • LETTERBOXD Best Director Award - Benjamin Brooking & Anna Duckworth - Peru
  • Best School Team - Marck Wan Productions - "Closed on Sundays"
  • Best Original SONG - "Hard to Read" By Paul Williams - Peru
  • Best Original SCORE "Pthios at Play" by E.F.J. Fagan - Hybrid Motion Pictures
  • Best Animation - Dogs Breakfast - "Barry's World"
  • Best Script - Chess Club - "Bread Winner"
  • Best Editing - Allan George & Ben Fowler - Sideways Productions
  • RIALTO CHANNEL Rising Talent Award - Marck Wan Productions - "Closed on Sundays"
  • Best Makeup - Chillybox - "Clean Getaway"
  • INCREDIBLY STRANGE Film - Inappropriate Pictures - "The Wrong Jar"
  • Best Use of character - Chillybox - "Clean Getaway"
  • Best Use of the prop - Pie Productions - "Voodough"
  • Best Use of the line - Pikelet - "Mr Baker"

    All teams except City Winner may upload their films to the Screening Room.

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