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48HOURS 1-3 May 2015

1-3 May 2015


Sorry, registration has closed

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  • 9th Mar Early-bird Registration
  • 30th Mar Full Registration Open
  • 29th Apr Registrations Close
  • 1st May Shoot Begins
  • 3rd May Hand-in
  • 5th May City Heats Start
  • Early Jun City Finals
  • 4th Jul Grand Final

10 Steps to Enter

  1. Assemble your Team
  2. Read the First Timers Survival Guide & the Rules
  3. Register & Pay
  4. Practice your Camera, Editor, and File output work-flow
  5. Keep up to date with News
  6. Check out City Info
  7. Attend the Launch to receive your genre & V
  8. Make a short in less than 48 hours
  9. Complete the Online Wrap-Up
  10. Hand in your short at the Finish Line and you're done!
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Latest News


Posted by Ant on 6 May 2015 at 00:21 | Comments | View Post

The City Heats screenings have begun. Now it's time watch your film on the Big Screen. Check your City Info Page for details of how to attend, and Vote in the AUDIENCE AWARD.

Follow the results each day listed on the Forum. Here are the lastes results.

Auckland Heat 1
1st: A Beyonce for All Seasons "The Breadator" -The Other Dimension Movie
2nd: 2D or Not 2D "Crust Issues"- The Mystery Movie
3rd: A Strange Cast "Down Harrison Drive" - Shock Ending Movie

Auckland Heat 2
1st: Asylum "Katy Harrison - Grooming a Superstar" - The Rockumentary Movie
2nd: Alpaca Picnic "Grounds For Murder"- The Mystery Movie
3rd: Adam Levine Da Loca "Oregano Gangster" - The Mistaken Identity Movie

Auckland Heat 3
1st: Bootypoppers - "Thrildo" - The Cat & Mouse Movie
2nd: Braid the Wife's Fur - "Taking the Plunge" - The Romantic Comedy Film
3rd: Brothers in Crime - "The Greatest Gunman" - The Mystery Movie

Wellington HEAT ONE
1: Jackson 5 - "Harpers" - Black Comedy
2: No dramas -" Pony Tail" - Buddy Movie
3: Ravioli! (with extra cheese) - "B.R.E.A.D" - Buddy Movie

Wellington HEAT TWO
1: HVHS Pandas 9 Seconds Shock Ending
2: Geneios 2.0 Loaf Me Alone Cat & Mouse
3: Turkey Squadron Knead for Love Rom-Com

Wellington HEAT THREE
1: Theres no vaccine 4 stupidity- "Bus Stoppers" Rom-Com
2: Silence of the Yams - "Songs of Imminence" -Musical/Dance/Beach Party or Rockumentary
3: I Know U Are You Said U Are Project - "B.R.E.A.D" - Cat & Mouse

Wellington HEAT FOUR
1: Couch Kumaras - "Loyal" - Buddy Movie
2: Be Prepared to go Ballistic - "Reversed" - Mistaken Identity
3: 400 Stinkin Feet - "Sweet Dreams" - Rom-Com

Now Go Review the films you've just seen Here


Posted by Ant on 4 May 2015 at 09:53 | Comments | View Post

Now it's time to watch your Film on the Big Screen and let the Judging Begin. Check your City Info Page for Screening times even if you were late we'll still play your film.

IT'S A WRAP! - well, Almost...

Posted by Ant on 2 May 2015 at 21:10 | Comments | View Post

Before 7pm Sunday you need to fill out your Online Wrapup Form.

Team Leaders were emailed their password on Friday about 3:20pm to access the form.
Here you can adjust your cast and crew lists, enter the actual Title of your film and add other info from the shoot.
WHY? Because this information is required for Judging, getting a listing on the Reviews Website and having your film Hosted in the screening room. (you can re-edit it multiple times until 7pm).

Enter your MD5 'File checksum' code on the Wrapup Form. This proves your submitted film existed before 7pm Sunday and is a valid entry.
Do this Before 7pm exactly as this is your Out Of Town finish line! See the Out Of Town Help Page for the full information about creating your code.

Help, I can't find my Password !

If you can't find your Wrapup password email, then it's been sent to an invalid address or rejected by your mail server. Try to have it re-sent to the Team Leader's email using the box on that page.

Don't worry, Your City Manager has it but be sure to include your TEAM NAME in an email and request it now, not sunday evening - they're gonna be busy about then.

Note: if you are NOT registered Out Of town you can still enter the MD5 code if you like. We may use this only if The entry on USB stick you PHYSICALLY handed in before 7pm has file issues.

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